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Hand throwing dollars at the architect exam

Throwing Money at The Architect Registration Exam

  I started taking the Architect Registration Exam in 2009 right after the stock market went to hell. When I started testing, my employer was supportive, but couldn’t really help me much more than pay for my AIA Associate membership, so I could attend the ARE Classes.  We were a small firm and at the time “getting a raise” looked more like being allowed to show up at your architecture job every day and have a project to work on. Attitude Change In 2009 I was really paranoid about the … Continue Reading

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Review of Gang Chen’s ARE Mock Exam

Review of Gang Chen’s ARE Mock Exam

  A Quick Young Architect Announcement To write this review of Gang Chen, I purchased the ARE Mock Exam for CDS, PPP, and SPD at $50 … Continue Reading


The Great Mike Riscica and Gang Chen Giveaway!

In celebration of Michael Riscica's new book How to Pass The Architecture Registration Exam, Young Architect will be giving away three free … Continue Reading

5 Tricks to Accelerate Your ARE Studying

5 Tricks to Accelerate Your ARE Studying

Starting and ending The beginning of my Architecture Registration Exam experience was drastically different from the end. Many things had … Continue Reading

Archispeaks Architecture in the real world blogpost

Architecture in The Real World

This is my first time participating in the #ArchiTalks architecture blogger collaboration. The powerful Bob Borson has organized 28 architect … Continue Reading

The definition of a 'Construction Screw'

January Photos and Instagrams

Here's my photos. All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add … Continue Reading

beliefs about architecture

Beliefs About Architecture

I wrote a guest post RA Registered Architect about the many times I was forced to change the beliefs I had about architecture and what I was … Continue Reading

Reading ARE Test Scores

How to Read ARE Test Scores

Let’s be honest… The only reason you care about your Architecture Registration Exam test scores is because you failed the exam. If you passed, … Continue Reading


Understanding the Intern Development Program (IDP)

The Intern Development Program (IDP) is a required component for licensure as an architect. It provides aspiring architects the opportunity to … Continue Reading


ArchiCulture – A Documentary About Architecture School

I have been waiting foreverrrrrrrr for this movie. I started following this in 2006 when they were deciding which architecture school to film. … Continue Reading

Architect juggling houses

Becoming an Architect: What You Need to Know

  “I wanted to become an architect but… …(insert reason) so I decided not to pursue architecture.” As an architect I can’t tell you how many … Continue Reading

Antoine Predock riding a motorcycle

Antoine Predock: Architecture is my Religion

  "Architecture is a ride - a physical ride and an intellectual ride." -Antoine Predock A few years ago I was plowing through boring old AIA … Continue Reading

Finish The ARE in 2015

Finish the ARE in 2015 – The Only Resolution You Should Have.

Finish the ARE’s this year?  I decided to wait and publish this blog post on January 7th. I wanted to give everyone a week to finish … Continue Reading

Portlandia rolling the dice picture

December 2014 Photos

Oh December 2014, What a silly month you were! All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add … Continue Reading


2014 A Year In Photos – Young Architect

  It was a pretty good year.  The theme of 2014 was about getting my life back from 2013, when I did nothing but study for the Architecture … Continue Reading

Instructions on how to post instagram pictures in twitter.

How to get Twitter to post your Instagram pictures as a “picture” and NOT “a link”

I love Instagram; I think it’s the best social media platform, especially for Architects. However Instagram definitely has some bugs to … Continue Reading

The Architecture Student’s Christmas List

The Architecture Student’s Christmas List

I don’t care about your architecture toys. After I finished posting the Young Architect 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, I realized many of my … Continue Reading

Blue print

The Young Architect Gift Guide 2014

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! One of my favorite things in the entire world is to buy an awesome present for someone, get completely OCD about how … Continue Reading

American Wing in the Met

November 2014 Instagram

All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add … Continue Reading