The Life of an Architecture Project – Infographic

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This post is part of a series on NCARB’s Architecture Registration Exam. Having recently completed this long process, the series examines my journey and the various things I learned along the way. Click here to see all the posts of my Architecture Registration Exam Series.

Diagram of an architecture project

Life of a Project

This diagram beautifully outlines the life of an architecture project and its relationships between: Owner, Architect, Contractor, Time and Money, during a typical architecture project.

Several years ago I found this infographic (as a .dwg file) and used it to help when I was studying for the Architect Registration Exam. I poked around the internet trying to find out where it came from and had no luck. Part of me thinks it came from the ARE FTP and has an anonymous author, but I couldn’t seem to find it there today.

I do not claim or accept any ownership of this diagram. If you read carefully there are a few minor errors. Nevertheless its a great image. If you know anything about the origin diagram please leave a comment or contact me. 

  • 24 x 36 PDF
  • 11 x 17 PDF in 4 pages. You will need to trim the top and bottom of the sheets and align them appropriately.


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Read the full series
This post is part of a series on NCARB’s Architect Registration Exam. Having recently completed this long process, the series examines my journey and the various things I learned along the way. Click here to see all the posts of my Architect Registration Exam Series.

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