Antoine Predock: Architecture is my Religion

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 Antoine Predock riding a motorcycle

“Architecture is a ride – a physical ride and an intellectual ride.” -Antoine Predock

A few years ago I was plowing through boring old AIA podcasts, while blasting away in Autocad, when I found a diamond in the rough. It was an old 7 minute podcast from 2006 of Antoine Predock, shortly after he won the AIA gold medal.

I saw Predock give a lecture during architecture school and I don’t really remember what he talked about, but I do remember his intensity, enthusiasm and passion about architecture certainly infected everyone in the room. We all went back to school feeling inspired and hopeful. If it wasn’t for that experience would have probably just skipped right over this AIA podcast.

The podcast goes quick and Predock makes several brilliant points which I will briefly highlight here, so they dont get lost:

  • His passion and dedication to excellence.
  • Architecture is not a job. The connection to life, through a body of work is the thinking of an artist. He is an artist.
  • As an artist he has no conflict in operating in the modern world of building codes.
  • Buildings are all about process. The intensity and richness of the process are what make it come alive and gives it a spiritual life.
  • Keeping your flame alive rant.

I found this at a peculiar time in my career and was able to extract an enormous amount of energy from a little podcast. I certainly hope you can as well.

Click here for Mr. Predock on the AIA Podcast. 

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