May 2015 Instagrams and Photos

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Here’s my photos.

All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add me.

Labrador next to a painted rabbit

Molls and her friend! #MollyRiscica #morningdogwalk #toungueouttuesday #labrasaurausrex #laburday #cute
whitneyfayeI always love that little bunny painting on their gate!

Labrador playing in the street

Zero fucks given. #labrasaurausrex #KingOfTheStormwaterSwale #stick #MollyRiscica #fuckshitup

Black and white digital drawing of Portlandia

The Portland Building is my home away from home. I’m thinking about getting this as a tattoo. JK I would never get a tattoo.. Anyways…. Today I got a new cubicle that has a view of the river!!! #movingupintheworld #CubicleSweetCubicle #cubiclelife #cubiclefarm #PortlandArchitecture #WhatAnArchitectDoes #michaelgraves #portlandia #CityofPortland #portlandoregon #postmodernism #SeismicLiability #aiacon15

Sketch of someone asked to sign a petition

Repost from @pdxstickers

New Portland construction

#Construction #PortlandArchitecture

New speed sign installed in central Portland

Yesterday they installed a lousy sign and painted some racing stripes on the road!!!?! Really???! This is the most dangerous crosswalk in the city center of portland located at nw glisan and 20th outside couch park and the elementary school… The stretch of road before this crosswalk is one of the longest uninterrupted stretches of roads in the city center and drivers rarely step on their brakes, even if there are school kids standing in the crosswalk. I see it everyday.
I have emailed Portland Bureau of Transportation several times saying there needs to be a speedbump here. In 6 years of living in the white building and have seen many people get hit, car accidents and have almost been personally plowed down by cars refusing to stop. Infact there was even an accident last night several hours after this silly sign was installed. Someone didnt know this road was a one way and got clipped several blocks down. A school kid is going to be run over if the city does not make this crosswalk safer. Please install speed bumps forcing drivers to slow down!!! By the time a driver sees this sign they are already going 40mph!!!! @mayorpdx #CityofPortland #metropolitanlearningcenter #couchpark #nwportland #portlandparks @pdxparksandrec @leahtreat @bikeportland

Portland street redesigned and fixed by Mike Riscica

Here… I even designed it for you. @mayorpdx #CityofPortland #metropolitanlearningcenter #couchpark #nwportland #portlandparks @pdxparksandrec @leahtreat @bikeportland #FreeDesignWork


Old fire station in Portland

Old fire station #PortlandArchitecture

Engineer, engifar joke

Engineers can be funny too guys! #engineer #WhatAnArchitectDoes #punoff

Cats and Jesus statue meme

#architecturecats #catarchitect

Graffiti on the street - eating trees, shitting buildings

Repost from @streetartglobe

Don't Let LOL become DOA

Public service announcements for millenials. #trimet #portlandnw #lol

Mies Van Der Rohe chilling and smiling

Mies Van Der Rohe just chillin, not thinking about architecture. #WhatAnArchitectDoes #miesvanderrohe #vacation

11th floor of The Justice Center

The Portland Building from 11th floor of The Justice Center. #PortlandArchitecture #CityofPortland #portlandpolice

Philip Johnson being weird

Philip Johnson being weird again. #philipjohnson #WhatAnArchitectDoes #architects

Labrador acting like a rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit!! May, you have a wonderful month! #rabbitrabbit #labrasaurausrex #labradorcalendar #MollyRiscica

Cat meme

The Purr-theon #architecturecats #catarchitect

Ashley Michael Mike Riscica

An Ashley Michael sandwich! #yoyoyogi

First blogpost for in MONTHS

Wrote my first blogpost for in MONTHS. Feels soo good to be back! #NCARB #AIAcon2015 #areexams #architectureregistrationexam #postyogateachertraininglife

Girls before and after you feed them

The story of my life.

Mike Riscica and his friend Dakota talking about cycling

Had an inspiring conversation today with my pal Dakota about bicycling across America. He’s leaving in a few days to ride across Europe!!! Check out his blog at! This is my new summer read! Amazing dude! @traipsingabout

St. Louis Gateway vs. L'Arc de Triomphe

Can’t we all just get along? #WhatAnArchitectDoes #AIAcon2015 #NCARB #StLouisArch #paris #architectureschool #arch #enemy #architecturecats #MikeRiscica666

Labrador standing next to roses

Wait for it….. Good dog! #MollyRiscica #labrasaurausrex

Problem: Real vs. Apparent

Project management for a government agency.

Memorial Day Yoga poster with Mike Riscica

Friends! My 200 hour Yoga Teacher training is all done! Come to my class today at 3pm at YoYoYogi!

Portland building


Mike Riscica taking a picture of the New Jersey Turnpike

Holy crap, 10 Years ago today I took this picture of the New Jersey Turnpike riding on a chinatown bus from NYC to the starting point of my cross country bike ride in Virginia. Cant believe its been 10 years. I still think about that bike ride every single day. @biketouring999
#MikeRiscicaCoast2Coast #ChinatownBus #Transam #whatamidoingwithmylife #wtf #coast2coastbikeride

Portland architecture in the morning

Good morning Portland! #portlandarchitecture #nwportland #viewfrommyapartment

Mike Riscica supporting the punk movement!

This is for the Punx. We dont need political scum preaching crap like they know it all. Hiding in their alternative bullshit world. Those egotistical bastards don’t have the balls to cut off their hair. So dont tell me what to eat or what to say, cause ill say it anyway. FUCK OFF YOU CUNTS! #thecasualties #oioiwerethepunxoftoday #jorgeherrera #woodchuckcider #stmarks #coneyislandhigh

Labrador chilling on a carpet

youngarchitxpdxMolls #MollyRiscica

Sticker design for architects

youngarchitxpdxRepost from @pdxstickers

Ryan Vandordrecht and Mike Riscica after Yoga

First stop on my day off, 7am Ryan Vandordrecht Yoga!!! #TheBest @rvandordrecht #yogaonyamhill #ryanvandordrecht #yoyoyogi #sepia #yogastoned

fantasy and imagination

The concepts of fantasy and imagination in relation to the concept of reality.

Chatting about back bends

Oh, just chatting about back bends. #yoyoyogi

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