How To Pass The ARE Is Now In Audio Book!

Are you having trouble getting started or making progress on the Architect Exam?!?? Is the self-guided nature of the ARE not working for you?

Join our virtual study group. The ARE Boot Camp offers a syllabus, a schedule with deadlines, people to study with, and accountability. To help you study for the Architect Exam, the program is organized similarly to a design studio.

We recently started accepting applications for sessions that are beginning in January and February 2018 for both ARE 4.0 and 5.0.  It's time to get started with making progress on the Architect Registration Exam. 

This post is part of a series on NCARB’s Architecture Registration Exam. Having recently completed this long process, the series examines my journey and the various things I learned along the way. Click here to see all the posts of my Architecture Registration Exam Series.

How To Pass The Architect exam as an audiobook


Getting How To Pass The Architecture Registration Exam recorded as an audiobook has been on my to-do list for wayyyyy too long. And as of the start of 2016, And getting this project completed became my first order of business as of the start 2016.

I began the New Year by locking myself in my office, setting up a microphone, and reading my own book aloud. I also hired a miracle worker to take my sloppy audio files and make them shine!

Three weeks later, it is done, done, and done! I am very proud to put this out into the world.

It has been almost a year since I wrote the ARE Book, and creating the audiobook reminded me of how valuable this information is to someone who is just beginning the ARE process. In fact, it got me all fired up again.


Why an Audiobook?!???   Really, Mike Riscica?!???

Great question!

Easy… There is just too much damn information for ARE Candidates to read in the first place. Rather than text that actually needs to be read, How to Pass The ARE is more of a conversation. I think there are only two pictures in the whole book.

It’s also 2016. Attention spans are shorter than ever, and there is a significant demand for ARE study materials that isn’t more text to read.

Now you can learn How To Pass The ARE while you:

  • Pump CAD/BIM
  • Walk the dog
  • Commute to work
  • Lift weights
  • Run
  • Build architecture models
  • Wash dishes
  • Lay on the beach
  • Practice your sketching
  • The possibilities are endless!!!!

What about the ARE 5.0 Transition will this book still be relevant?!????

Oh yeah. Absolutely.

Two years from now, this book will still be as relevant as the day that I released it. This isn’t another technical book with information to memorize. How To Pass The ARE is a book about how to use all the technical information, and to realistically take these exams while you work full-time.

Architecture school does not train you to study and take an exam like the ARE. And this is exactly why I wrote How To Pass The ARE.

Having said that, the ARE book will be updated with minor revisions in early 2017. The chapter that introduces the different ARE 4.0 exams will be removed and updated with 5.0 information. I will also need to remove the chapter about vignettes and update it with information that is still currently unannounced.

When that update happens, anyone who has previously purchased this product will be given the updated information.

The ARE Boot Camp

After releasing the ARE Book and getting an enormous response from the architecture community, I created a 10-week coaching program, which helps a small group of people prepare for their first ARE. Everything mentioned in How To Pass The ARE is put into practice.

The group holds each other accountable, and at the end of the program, everyone is ready to take their first ARE. More importantly, they learn the study skills they’ll need to finish their remaining ARE’s.

Click here to learn more about the ARE Boot Camp.

Pick Your Preferred Format!

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The Hardcopy version is available from Amazon Prime for $44.95


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