What Is the Value of Architect Licensure? Tell me!

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New Years

New Year’s has always been my least favorite holiday.  It’s always felt like too many people forcing the fun to happen, rather than letting it happen. I call it amateur night and usually stay in. Except this year was different.

I flew to San Francisco and I hung out with the American Institute of Architecture Students for a week during New Year’s. I had such a good time. The American Institute of Architecture Students are a colorful bunch, and they sure know how to party!

During the conference, the topic of Licensure came up over and over again. I learned that Architecture students certainly have a lot to say about licensure, and it warmed my heart that they care soo much about what’s going on with recent changes in the licensing process.

What is the Value of Licensure?

This is the question that came up over and over again during the conference. It was discussed by almost all the keynote speakers.  NCARB gave presentations about the value of licensure, and everyone was talking about the value of licensure during informal discussions about the profession.

With no disrespect to anyone, the one thing I realized after it was all over is that almost everyone that I listened to having this discussion fell into 3 different categories:

  1. Architecture students that hadn’t completed school or really started working on their career or licensure.
  2. Architects from an earlier generation that became licensed many years ago when the times were very different.
  3. NCARB representatives themselves, telling us why their processes, exams, and fees were important from the NCARB point of view.

Since this was an “Architecture Student Conference,” I felt like the one group of people that I didn’t hear from were the people living in the trenches—working in offices, practicing architecture, and actually doing it.

So what do you think? What is the value of licensure?!???

After authoring the ARE Book, moderating the ARE Boot Camp and the ARE Facebook group, and writing YoungArchitect.com for 2 years now, I feel deeply ingrained in the Young Architect ARE Candidate Community. I want to use my unique position to solicit the Young Architect audience to answer these questions:

What is the value of licensure?

I am getting my architecture license because…

I am NOT getting my architecture license because…

I want to hear from you.

In 2 weeks, I will review the responses you all give me and publish them as a new blogpost on Young Architect.

The Rules

OK wait, calm down! Before everyone goes crazy ranting and raving, I need to set some ground rules:

  • 200 words max. Make it good, write it in Word, and paste it in the form below. Responses that are short, clear, and to the point will have priority.
  • Your Full Name and Location are required.
  • Your Title, Firm, Business, or Website Plug are optional.
  • The most important rule: For your response to be considered, you must email a picture of your face to Michael@YoungArchitect.org, which will then be posted next to your response. Your LinkedIn picture is probably just fine.

Without meeting the above criteria your response will not be reviewed.

Why these dumb rules?

Honestly, anyone can say anything on the internet.

I have no patience for people that rant and rave anonymously. It drives me nuts. I write off whatever they are saying, and this is why there is a picture of my face at the top of the sidebar on every blog post I write.

I want your response to be from your heart and to be so truthful that you’re willing to put your real name and a picture of your face next to it.

In 2 weeks when I have all of your responses, this blogpost will be deleted, and I will share all the responses to the question.

One last thing:

I Need Your Help.

I am looking for a colorful variety of responses, and I want to also hear some very good reasons why licensure isn’t the only path to being successful. If you know someone who feels strongly about this, please pass this along.

Ready Set Go!

The question or responses:

What is the value of licensure?

I am getting my architecture license because…

I am NOT getting my architecture license because…

About the author

Michael Riscica

Michael Riscica is a Licensed Architect who lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with his Labrador Retriever. He is passionate about helping Young Architects change the world. In his free time, Michael likes to take very long bicycle rides across America. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In.

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