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About Young Architect

Michael Riscica Coffee

Hi I’m Michael Riscica and welcome to my blog.

I am passionate about architecture and foster a love of learning. With this blog, I hope to inspire, educate, and assist architects and aspiring architects in their professional journey.

Architecture is my passion.

In 1999, at age 20 and without any previous drafting experience, I accepted a position doing millwork drawings for an interiors company. As I delved further into learning drafting, I began to realize that I could think, draw, and very easily navigate a 3-dimensional environment inside my head, on a piece of paper and on a computer. This position led me to studying architectural drafting in community college and eventually an architecture degree from the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury and Manahattan, NY.

Attending architecture school was one of the best experiences of my life.

I allowed architecture school to take over my entire life (literally) and wonderful experiences happened during the process. I traveled Europe, biked across the country and even completed my thesis in Venice, Italy.

My life in Portland, Oregon.

I fell in love with the idea of a fresh start on a new coast after architecture school. I arrived in Portland, Oregon in September of 2007 on my bicycle. A month after arriving I accepted a position at Merryman Barnes Architects. Even with the recession, they managed to keep me busy. I worked on a beach house, residential projects as well as projects for the City of Portland.

After 4 years of working for a small Portland firm I accepted a position with the City of Portland as a Project Manager, where I am currently employed and absolutely love what I do. My job offers me new challenges and tons of opportunities to grow as an architect.

After a rough ride with the AREs, I became licensed as an Architect in the State of Oregon in December 2013. After finishing my licensing requirements, I have channeled energy into studying and working on residential design projects.

I started this blog to provide a place to share information about:

  • Developments in the profession and my professional life
  • My thoughts about architecture.
  • Educate everyone about design, construction, architecture and the process.
  • Share books, products, things that are amazing and making life better.
  • Portland, Oregon and how much I love this City.

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I would love to hear your comments and questions. This site is intended to provide information and guidance to those who need it. Feel free to e-mail me at Michael@YoungArchitect.org or leave a comment anywhere on this site.


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