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Michael Riscica

Michael Riscica is a Licensed Architect who lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with his Labrador Retriever. He is passionate about helping Young Architects change the world. In his free time, Michael likes to take very long bicycle rides across America. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. Also check out his new project Young Architect Gear, designing architecturally themed gifts and products.


Networking, Sketching the ARE and Being Awesome with Lora Teagarden

By Michael Riscica

On today’s episode of the Young Architect Podcast, Michael spoke to Lora Teagarden, an architect, entrepreneur and winner of the 2017 National Young Architect award. Architect: Lora Teagarden Lora got her start in the architecture world from a young age, “I was always interested in drawing, but I would draw buildings rather than animals or […]


Kickstarting Your Architecture Career with Alex Alaimo

By Michael Riscica

On today’s episode of Young Architect, Michael talked to his friend and architect, Alex Alaimo, about the importance of growing your professional network early on in your career. Discover why it’s so important to join extracurricular activities and organizations to not only help grow your career, but your community as well. Architect Alex Alaimo Alex […]


Architecture Marketing and Story Telling With Jeff Echols

By Michael Riscica

On today’s episode of the Young Architect Podcast, Michael spoke with architect and marketer Jeff Echols about the importance of developing business skills to help build your career. Learn how marketing can help you promote yourself and what you have to offer to clients. Jeff Echols On today’s episode of Young Architect, Michael talked to […]


Evolving as an Architect with Michael LaValley

By Michael Riscica

This week the Young Architect Podcast chatted with our good friend Michael LaValley from the popular architecture website EvolvingArchitect.com Architect Michael LaValley from Evolving Architect Michael LaValley is the  mastermind behind the website and blog, Evolving Architect. Michael also participates in the American Institute of Architects chapter (AIA) as both the Director for the Buffalo/WNY […]


Expanding Your Knowledge through CSI and CDT with Cherise Lakeside

By Michael Riscica

On today’s episode of the Young Architect Podcast, Michael spoke with his good friend, Cherise Lakeside, about the value of passing on knowledge to new architects and the importance of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and the Construction Documents Technology(CDT) certificate. You can also listen to the Young Architect Podcast on iTunes.  This episode the […]


Community, Leadership, Architecture, and the AIAS with Sarah Wahlgren

By Michael Riscica

Sarah Wahlgren, National President of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), shares her journey to becoming an architect, what inspires her work, and how she’s serving the architecture community. Sarah Wahlgren Sarah Wahlgren knew that she wanted to become an architect ever since she was in the 4th grade. It was her passion and […]


Welcome to the Young Architect Podcast with Michael Riscica

By Michael Riscica

Architect and host of the Young Architect Podcast, Michael Riscica, introduces himself, how Young Architect got its start, and what you can expect to learn from these podcasts.   Architect Michael Riscica and Young Architect The Young Architect website was created in 2014 when Michael Riscica began blogging about his experience of architecture school and […]


Paul E. Fallon – How Will We Live Tomorrow? An Architect’s Journey.

By Michael Riscica

This week, the Young Architect Podcast spoke with architect, writer, and cyclist, Paul E. Fallon about his incredible bike journey across the USA.   Architect Paul E. Fallon Now a retired architect, not only did Paul have an incredible career working on a variety of projects and architecture designs from the USA to Haiti, but […]


Steve Ramos – The Architect As A Public Figure

By Michael Riscica

This week the Young Architect Podcast chatted with Charleston South Carolina Architect and blogger of Buildings Are Cool, Mr. Steve Ramos.  Architect Steve Ramos With each article that he writes for his Buildings Are Cool blog, Steve Ramos is rejuvenating the way people see architecture; particularly in Charleston, South Carolina. With his passion for writing […]


Doug Patt: Teaching Design and Architecture on YouTube!

By Michael Riscica

This week the Young Architect Podcast chatted with Architect Youtube Sensation Mr. Doug Patt, from How To Architect! Architect Doug Patt As architects, we’re always growing. We learn from our own experiences as well as from others because honestly, no one can get there alone. We’re constantly in connection with each other from school and […]


The Truth About All ARE Study Materials

By Michael Riscica

  My Relationship with ARE Study Materials I’ve started writing reviews of The Ballast and Architect Exam Prep study materials for ARE 5.0. Since many Young Architect readers are curious about my opinion, they’ve begged me to get this done as quickly as possible. Guys, I’m working on it. I like to go through each […]


Understanding Architect Licensing in America for Foreign Architects

By Michael Riscica

The Emails I Receive From Foreign Architects Ever since I began Young Architect 3 years ago, I have received a significant amount of email from Foreign Architects around the world, who’re frustrated, annoyed, and even furious about the Architect Licensing rules in America. Most of these emails are along the lines of… “In my country, […]

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