Segrada Familia Finished – 3d Visualization video

A fair example of Portland Architecture

It will be a miracle when they finish building this cathedral. ….Speaking of miracles tomorrow is my last Architect Registration Exam! If you enjoyed this post, you should also check out: Co-op City, Towers in the Park and The Pruit-Igoe Myth Lebbeus Woods & 8 Diagrams About the Future Rem Koolhaas: A kind of Architect […]

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Le Corbusier’s 5 Points of Architecture Animation

LeCorbusier Domino House

  Check out this excellent animation outlining Le Corbusier’s 5 points of architecture in the Villa Sovoye. Villa Savoye is on my top 10. I have learned soooo much about architecture through this one building alone.  In my first year of architecture school I had a ton of fun building a model of Villa Savoye […]

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The Great Architectural Disaster Known as Penn Station

Penn Station is one of the greatest architectural tragedy’s in America. One of America’s greatest and loved landmarks was thrown away and destroyed in an effort to modernize and save on maintenance costs. After the construction of the “New Penn Station” Architectural Historian Vincent Scully wrote, “One entered the city like a god; one scuttles in […]

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Jason Silva & Personality Theory

Recently Jason Silva has been making my head explode with the with philosophical high-defintion mashups he puts out on youtube and shares them once a week. Check out some of the others on his youtube channel Shots of Awe.     Personality Theory “Everything has a personality.” When I first started studying design and architecture […]

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Carl Sagan

Click the image above to play the amazing video.  Its best watched full screen. Beautiful HD images, emotional music and thought provoking narrative. I watched this wonderful 30 minute Carl Sagan video in the morning shortly after I woke up.   I recently learned about Carl Sagan from Neil Degrasse Tyson and Jason Silva always talking […]

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I’m Finally Winning The War Against Dog Hair In My Apartment!

Its true. This is the first summer that I am officially winning the war against the dog hair mess inside my apartment. But not just dog hair, also dirt and pet dander. This has been a war that I have been pathetically losing for about 5 years now.   Fighting this war basically consists of […]

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Lebbeus Woods & 8 Diagrams About the Future

I discovered Lebbeus Woods in 2001 as I was beginning architecture school in Boston. One day in the office my coworker/schoolmate casually handed me a copy of Terra Nova and said “Hey check this guy out.”  Being a young man just starting on his path towards becoming an Architect; I definitely was not ready for […]

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