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15 Awesome Architecture Books for Kids

By Michael Riscica

Teaching Architecture to 3rd Graders. Each year, I volunteer for a program called Architects in Schools, which is sponsored by the Architecture Foundation of Oregon. Architects in Schools gives each of its design professionals a 6-week residency in a Portland elementary school. In my 3 years of volunteering with Architects in Schools, I’ve discovered that there […]


The 2015 Top 50 Architecture Books

By Michael Riscica

The Top 50 Architecture Books I love architecture books more anything else in the world. Architecture books play a significant role in the education of every architect and always will. In celebration of architecture books, I have compiled a list of the most popular architecture books during 2015. What About The ARE Book?                        I […]


Gifts and Toys For Architecture Students

By Michael Riscica

Architecture Students are the hardest-working people in the Profession of Architecture. This is true. Among the late nights, the hundreds of hours in the studio racking their brains, and the juggling of academic classes that completely disregard the importance of their design work, getting stretched to the max is simply what happens during architecture school. […]


The Architecture Student’s Christmas List

By Michael Riscica

I don’t care about your architecture toys. After I finished posting the Young Architect 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, I realized many of my subscribers are students. In that other post I did nothing but alienate them. Architecture students have no interest in hearing about Roombas or overpriced architecture Lego kits. An on point architecture student […]