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Hi, I'm Architect Michael Riscica, the guy behind Young Architect. Since 2013, I've been helping Architecture students, ARE Candidates and Emerging Professionals be more successful at school, work and life! My goal is to help you:

Young Architect Academy

Low Cost, High-Value ARE 5.0 Training

Learn the most important things you need to know to pass your Architecture Exams.

The ARE Boot Camp

The ARE Study Group you've been looking for.

The ARE Boot Camp is a Virtual Study Group with participants all over America who study together for ARE 5.0 on video chat. We study together and learn from each other.

I provide the syllabus, schedule, milestones, deadlines, and accountability for everyone to study during the week. We meet weekly to discuss how the studying went and to see what we can learn from each other.

Participants in the Boot Camp get together (almost everyday) via video chat to study and work together as a group. Very quickly, everyone in the boot camp starts teaching the content to each other, which becomes a powerful learning tool for obtaining a deeper understanding.

Accountability and community is one of the most important aspects of this boot camp. It’s getting away from that model of “self-guided studying” and having a group of people to have a discussion with or bounce ideas off of.

Test-taking isn’t just technical; it’s highly emotional. I have learned a big part of creating this program has been treating people as unique individuals, because the one size fits all approach to completing the ARE’s, just doesnt work. Through the weekly coaching we customize and personalize the program to meet the needs of each person who signs up.

Young Architect Podcast

REAL stories from Emerging Architects doing big things.

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Young Architect Blog

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