15 Architecture Books for Babies

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Architecture Books for Babies, Really?!?!?

Oh yeah….

All of my Architecture Friends keep producing baby Young Architects, faster than you can pass all your exams.  Ouch… JK, I love you.

Here is a curated list of 15 Architecture Books, so we can start getting those newborns thinking about the design and the built environment.


Before you send me a long-winded email, about forgetting some very key architecture books for kids. I want you to know that I have written several other blog posts for architecture related gifts and toys for children.

Yes, I there are some AMAZING books that are not reflected on this list, because they were previously mentioned in the other blog posts.

Here are links to the other Young Architect Kid Posts.


Babys First Eames

Click here for a link on Amazon

For those who are inspired by architecture and modern design, this whimsically illustrated A-to-Z board book is the perfect addition to your babies book collection.

Pantone Colors

Click here for a link on Amazon

This book is a beautiful display of the nine basic colors, but takes each one beyond that to help explore the variances of shades from light to dark with your child. Your budding artist will love learning about shades and tones.

My First Shapes with FLW

Click here for a link on Amazon

Just as Frank Lloyd Wright used basic shapes in his architecture, My First Shapes with Frank Lloyd Wright takes your baby through the basic three shapes with bright visual colors and counting for reinforced learning.

Baby Loves Structural Engineering! (Baby Loves Science) 


Click here for a link to Amazon


Robyn Boid: Architect

Click here for a link to Amazon

A sweet tale of a bird who lives at a university listening to the architecture class.  Inspired she explores the world of architecture in search for the design of her own perfect nest.

The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale

Click here for a link to Amazon

A delightfully quirky approach to the classic tale, this story explores the homes of three famous architects.

Gaudi (Big Names for Small People)

Click here for a link to Amazon

A wonderful story about the Spanish Architect Gaudi who allowed his imagination to direct his life. Your young adventurer will love to learn about him building parks guarded by dragons and churches that look like enchanted forests.  Let your imagination float all the way up to the clouds.

Art for Baby

Click here for a link to Amazon

This black and white board book is a stunning collection of modern art images for your baby to start to recognize pictures and the world around them.

The Day the Crayons Quit

Click here for a link to Amazon

Buy this book for your young one, or even for yourself!  A brilliantly illustrated and written book about the adventures in thinking outside of the crayon box and harnessing the power of cooperation and creativity within all of us.

Clive and His Art (All about Clive)

Click here for a link to Amazon

A sweet little tale about Clive and his love of all things art.  From looking at it, making it and sharing it with his friends.

Alphabet Under Construction

Click here for a link to Amazon

An artist’s approach to introducing the alphabet via an industrious little mouse who constructs each letter with a beautiful touch.

Mr. Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass

Click here for a link to Amazon

Help your child learn to see the world around differently, through the eyes of an artist.  This beautiful book celebrates the eccentric artist in all of us.

Goodnight Moon

Click here for a link to Amazon

Goodnight Mouse, Goodnight House. This was my first architecture book and probably yours too.  Classic.

Hello, New York! (Hello, Big City!)

Click here for a link to Amazon

This is a great interactive book that covers all the great landmarks throughout New York City.

Bigger! Bigger!

Click here for a link to Amazon

A sweet tale about a budding young girl and her architectural masterpieces with building blocks.

That’s a wrap.

I hope this list is helpful with your Baby Architecture Book pursuits. Make sure you visit the other Young Architect Kid Posts.




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