The 2015 Young Architect Holiday Gift Guide

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The Perfect Architect Gifts!

I had a ton of fun picking out this year’s holiday gift guide. Similarly to last year, I also created this year’s holiday gift guide with 2 specific people in mind.

  1. A person who is looking for the perfect Architect gift to give to the Architect in their life. Shopping for an Architect often isn’t an easy task. They can be a picky bunch.
  2. The hardworking Architecture Professional, who is so consumed practicing they need a little help finding some cool gifts this year.

This year’s list only has 2 books on it, because I recently posted a completely separate blog post discussing the Top 50 Architecture Books of 2015. Make sure you check out some of the other Architect Gift Guides from the past:

You may find exactly what you are on another one of these blog posts. Have a great holiday and good luck with your holiday shopping!

The 2015 Young Architect Gift Guide!


How To Pass The Architecture Registration Exam

$25 digital download or $47 on Amazon
This is the perfect gift for anyone who needs to get started taking the Architect Exam. It explains everything someone would need to know about the Architectural exam. More importantly it teaches how to prepare for this lonely self guided test taking process. This is the only book that constructively explains how to use the massive amounts of data and information. This guide also shares my ARE story and the countless amounts of setbacks I encountered.

lines dots
Architectural Leggings

$45-50 on Young Architect Gear
Young Architect Gear recently became inspired to start designing their own line of architecturally themed leggings.

Zebra Pen
F-701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Retractable Pen
by Zebra

$5 on Amazon
This is one sexy pen at a super affordable price. This pen is entirely made of stainless steel—from tip to clip. The metal grip is not only easy to hold, it’s also knurled to provide writing stability. For a cheap pen this has been my new favorite pen.


Good Fucking Design Advice

Prices Vary

Good Fucking Design Advice doesn't sugarcoat anything and has no problem calling the kettle black. The GFDA first caught my attention a few years ago, after discovering the poster above. They have since created a online store of well designed products all containing some harsh words about the design process.

square ice cubes
Colossal Cube Ice Molds 
by Tovolo

$10 on Amazon
Are you tired of swallowing ice cubes when you drink your tea? With these colossal ice cube trays, you might not ever have to worry about that again—unless you forget about your beverage for hours.

The ice molds also are available in balls.

dog jacket
Pendleton Dog Jacket

$54 on Amazon
My yellow lab Molly is getting this jacket for Christmas this year. I can write that here because she doesn’t read my blog. The Pendleton Dog bed is also pretty sweet.


Adjustable Sit / Stand Desk
by Stand Steady  

$260 on Amazon
Sitting at a desk all day long is the new enemy. If you didn’t already know, sitting is now considered the new smoking. If you have to be at a desk, get off your ass! You need to be standing.

This award-winning desk is adjustable, so you can either sit or stand at it. It’s sturdy, sleek, comfortable, and affordable. And it can accommodate two monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse.Concrete Desk Set Concrete planter
Concrete Décor

Every Architect has a huge obsession with concrete.  It's liquid stone and it is pretty amazing if you take a second to think about it.

Now concrete isn’t just for the construction site, it’s also for sprucing up your workspace while you’re designing it. You can choose from concrete planters or desk sets.


HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation
by Philips

$115 on Amazon
How you wake up in the morning plays a significant role to the outcome of the rest of the day. Waking up from a cold sleep to an obnoxious buzzer, is the very worst way to start a day.

I purchased this fancy alarm clock this year and couldn't recommend it enough. Over the course of 30 minutes, it simulates a sunrise to wake up to with an orangish glow and slowly evolves to a bright white lite and then a gentle alarm quietly goes off and starts to get louder.

This simulated sunrise is clinically proven to be able to wake you up gradually. The light also dims, and there five natural, calming wake-up sounds to choose from. I personally own this alarm clock, and waking up to its simulated sunrise has made getting out of bed significantly easier.

Jix Straws
Jix Straw Sculpture Connector
by Blank Bubble

$25 on Amazon
Have you ever made a triangle out of a straw at a restaurant? Now you can actually build sculptures out of straws. This construction game includes 250 straws, but the 125 connectors you’ll receive are designed to work with standard drinking straws. So you can reuse them over and over again.
FLW Business card holder
FLW Business Card Holder
by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

$25 on Amazon
I'll be the first to admit that the Frank Lloyd Wright merchandise has gotten a little out of hand. However, this is a pretty sharp looking business card holder.  This design is adapted from FLW’s 1957 rug design for the Max Hoffman Residence. The border of the case is made of rhodium-finished brass and sealed with a non-tarnish finish.

An Audible Membership

Free 30-day membership
I joined Audible this year and love it. Every month I listen to a new audiobook. Having the audible membership has made audiobooks much more accessible as a monthly reminder to find a new book.

Architect tape
Architect Triangular Scale Tape Measure

$20 on Amazon
This little tape measure has 12 architectural scales in it and each tape pulls out to 2′ long. Perfect for an architect that has everything.

Fit Bit
Fitbit Surge

$200 on Amazon
This year I purchased the Fitbit Surge and truly think it's one of the best gadgets I have owned in a really long time. It amazes me how well it works.

The Fitbit is constantly monitoring my heart rate all day long and my movement. It know how many steps I take each day, how many miles I have walked each day around the city, how much elevation gain or flights of stairs I have climbed,  it automatically tracks my sleep, how hard I have worked out and all I have to do is just wear it.

The Fitbit app is really well done and constantly getting smarter. It will allow you to manually track how much water you drink and how many calories you are eating every day. I stopped doing this because, it becomes cumbersome.

I debated between the Apple watch and the Fitbit. What pushed me over the fence is that I was really only interested in all the health and fitness data. The Fitbit was far superior in that category, however the Apple watch had many more features I wasn't really interested in.


Ray bans
A Pair of Classic Ray Bans

$100 on Amazon
Everyone looks cool in these classic Ray Bans! This is the easiest gift for anyone!

iPhone Battery Backup Case

$35 on Amazon
This battery backup is a lifesaver! Especially on the days when my battery is low and the rest day is far from being over.

I stick the phone inside this case and when I turn it on, it pushes a fresh charge into the iPhone bringing the battery back to 100% very quickly. While it is recharging the phone you can still use the phone as normal. I like this method because there are no cords.

The case is a little bit bulky, for my already huge Iphone 6 Plus. It's not really a big deal, because I only use it when I need the charge. I highly recommend this battery backup for anyone with a smartphone. Here is the iPhone 6 Plus version, The iPhone 6 version and the Samsung S6 version.

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