How To Grow Your LinkedIn Network Superfast Using Rapportive

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How To Grow Your Linked In Connections Superfast Using Rapportive

Ohhh Social Media… 

LinkedIn might be my favorite social media. Maybe I’m nosy, but I like seeing where people went to college, who they’ve worked for and if we have any mutual LinkedIn connections.

Ok fine, I am nosy. I enjoy looking at LinkedIn profiles. I learn a lot.

LinkedIn is also super awesome for looking for a job, connecting with clients/colleagues/coworkers and locating a specific person. But most importantly, it builds the network of people you know.

It always amazes me when I see the people I know on the West Coast are mutually connected to the people I know on the East Coast. It blows my mind every single time. The architecture community isn’t as big as you think it is.

About a year ago, I found a special tool that is definitely a LinkedIn game-changer.

It’s called Rapportive.

What does Rapportive do?

Rapportive lives in the right sidebar of my Gmail inbox and it quickly looks up everyone’s LinkedIn profile using their email addresses.

So when someone emails me, Rapportive immediately shows me a snapshot of their LinkedIn profile. It also tells me if we are connected or not and if we have any mutual friends—without ever leaving Gmail.

Here is an example…

Jeff Faded

This is an email from our friend Jeff Echols (aka The Architect of the Internet). You can quickly see that we are connected and have several mutual connections. And since Jeff listed his Twitter account in his LinkedIn profile, I can now also find him on Twitter.

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network Superfast

When I found this tool, right away I started seeing all the people whom I correspond with regularly, but are not LinkedIn connections. So now when I want to add them on LinkedIn, I click the connect button inside Rapportive without ever leaving Gmail and I send a quick note that says something like:

Hey Jeff,
Let’s connect on LinkedIn.
Your pal,
Michael Riscica

You can also hover and highlight email addresses. Rapportive then automatically goes to town, checking to see if there is a LinkedIn account connected to that email address.

Rapportive is pretty awesome! Unfortunately, not everyone can use it.

Wait, What Do You Mean?!??

Rapportive only works for Gmail users and the real kicker is that they have to be using Google Chrome browser.

Rapportive is a Google Chrome extension. What does that mean? It means it is software that you install into your web browser.

It is a function of the browser, not Gmail.

Rapportive will work with any Gmail account, as long as they are logged into LinkedIn and have the Google Chrome extension installed.

Make sense?

How Do I Set Up Rapportive?

Visit Rapportive’s Website and follow the links to set it up.

Have fun building LinkedIn connections with everyone in your email inbox!

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