July 2017 Instagram Photos

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Here’s my photos.

All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add me.

Madison, Wisconsin is my kind of town. I would live here if I wasn’t such a pansy about cold weather. I love Wisconsin and I love Wisconsin people! #mollsinmadison #mollsacrossamerica #isthmus #cheesecurds #oldstylelager #whatthisarchitectdoes #whatanarchitectdoes #fromwhereidrone


I love Minneapolis and all the amazing people I have met cycling across America.

The Future of Portland Architecture! #portland7 #mollsacrossamerica #takingovertheprofession #yesweare

Sleeping tonight in the car on the border of Montana/North Dakota. Molls and I drove 600 miles today and hoping to drive another 600 tomorrow right into Minneapolis. Driving through the mountains today was unbelievable, it felt so amazing to go through the same mountains I rode through exactly 1 year ago. Best day ever! #mollsacrossamerica

Found this when I was at the Cross Country Cyclist Headquarters yesterday! #mollsacrossamerica

Delicious lasagna dinner at my friend Curtis’s house and 4 amazing Continentals Divide Thru Hikers. I stayed with Curtis last year when I was cycling across America. #mollsacrossamerica

hank you to everyone who hung out last night, I love you guys. And everyone who couldnt make it last night, I love you guys too! #mollsacrossamerica #arewethereyet #drivingmissdaisy

Hanging out in Spokane, Washington for the night! Lots of cool old buildings here. Gonna go take a nap and get the drone in the sky! #mollsacrossamerica

I was creeping on Jill’s WDS yoga class today with the drone! @jillknouseyoga #wds2017

Shout out to all the Hustlers!!! #wds2017

#wds2017 Ummm where’s the giant Portland sign?!?? Did someone steal it?

World Domination Summit 2017! Riscica is ready to go! This is my 4th WDS! The party can now begin! #wds2017

I’m living in a van, down by the river! This is my home office. Actually today we’re parked in McDonald’s parking lot. Their wifi is too slow, so I just use my own. I’ve been living and sleeping in my van for 3 weeks now. People think it’s weird, but I’m also the guy who has bicycled across America 3 times, so sleeping in a van with my dog is first class living, compared to being on a bike. For a cross country cyclist, this is like a vacation.
1 week from today, Molly and are leaving Portland and will start driving east without any real hard plans. How long will we be gone for? I dunno. What about my job? I’m self-employed and I can work from my minivan. What does molly think of this? It was her idea all along. #whatanarchitectdoes #mollsacrossamerica #livinginavandownbytheriver

Here is the map we used for the architecture scavenger hunt. My team didn’t win, but we did pretty good. More importantly EVERYONE had a ton of fun, another successful CSI Portland event!

I published a blogpost all about how to lie, cheat and steal clients from your employer so you can start your own architecture business. Visit Youngarchitect.com/blog #whatanarchitectdoes


And…… MY DRAWINGS ARE DONE!!! It only took 10 hours. I can finally go to sleep. Molls checked everything and did proper quality assurance before they went out the door. #whatanarchitectdoes #waitstillthelastminute #dogarchitect #putthedogtowork #mollsacrossamerica #MollyRiscica

Young Architect just got listed as one of the best architecture websites of 2017! I am honored to be listed among many sites that I have admired long before I started YA. #whatanarchitectdoes #weblog

Today I flew my drone all over looking for the house from The Goonies. And I found it! The house looks great!! #whatanarchitectdoes #architectandhisdrone #thatswhatdronesarefor OK I’m off to go visit Jake The Alligator Man!

After 3,100 miles and 7 days later we finally arrived at: THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE!!!! Portland, Oregon to New York City!
Whew, what a crazy trip across America this has been. We’ve laughed, cried, swam, flew drones, ate weird food, hung out with old friends and made some new ones. I absolutely loved driving all of these miles and Molls is the best copilot I could have ever asked for!
Now that we’re here I need to get some rest. I haven’t slept much in the past few nights. Annnd then, I have a lot of work to do here. NYC isn’t going to know what hit it!
We’ll be here until it gets cold, then we will drive somewhere warmer and beachy, to continue our endless summer. #mollsacrossamerica #MollsTakeManhattan #whatthisarchitectdoes #itravel #wemadeit #🏆 #🏅 #💯#livinginavandownbytheriver

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