November Instagram Photos

Are you having trouble getting started or making progress on the Architect Exam?!?? Is the self-guided nature of the ARE not working for you?

Join our virtual study group. The ARE Boot Camp offers a syllabus, a schedule with deadlines, people to study with, and accountability. To help you study for the Architect Exam, the program is organized similarly to a design studio.

We recently started accepting applications for sessions that are beginning in January and February 2018 for both ARE 4.0 and 5.0.  It's time to get started with making progress on the Architect Registration Exam. 

Here’s my photos.

All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add me.

What’s up DC?! I love this town! #whatthisarchitectdoes #businesstrip

Got it! #11111111

This weeks blogpost on is ARE advice written entirely by Archi-Moms and my good friends from the: Mothers of Architecture, Design and Construction Facebook group. They’re the real bad asses in our profession! #whatthisarchitectdoes #hangoutwiththemoms #imtheonlymanintheirfbgroup #oldwhitemenprofession #nonotmyprofession #whatanarchitectdoes

The people who don’t take risks aren’t the ones worth talking about. There is no road map.
No one is paying attention, they are too busy worrying about what everyone will think about them. When it’s never been about them. Fuck the status quo!

I’m digging the new Young Architect stickers!

I’m done going into NYC without a bicycle. Riding the subway is a miserable experience, when I used to be the fastest moving object on the street. Tomorrow I’ll have my new fixed gear, so tonight I’ll ride the bike I rode across America.
I’m speaking tonight in Redhook Brooklyn about How to Pass The Architect Exams for AIA Brooklyn! Super excited to see everyone!! #whatthisarchitectdoes #ridesbikes #createsmorearchitects

Molls and my sexy new bike!
New Bike, New Life!
No brakes, steel frame, deep v’s. The only thing it’s missing is a #duderobot sticker!

..Annnd now the new bike is completely complete! #duderobot #toucansam #gomikeriscicago #biketouring999

I fixed the drone. We’re back in action! Game on!

November 30th I’m speaking at NJIT to discuss the Architect Exam! Please join us! It’s going to be EPIC!
#Repost @aiasnjit ・・・
Join AIAS NJIT and AIA NJ EPiC for what is sure to be a cant-miss evening of ARE and licensure information with “The Young Architect” @youngarchitxpdx Michael Riscica! #aiasmem17 #aia #axp #visiblevalue #aiasneq #aiasleadership #aiasdesign #aiasservice

Today I rode my bike today to Ed Hall for the first time in 10 years. I’m speaking to the NYIT Architecture Students about the Architect Exam. Tomorrow night, I’ll be in Newark to chat with the Architecture students at NJIT!

Peter Eisenman was chatting tonight at NYIT Manhattan about mentorship. #nyitarchitecture

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Michael Riscica is a Licensed Architect who lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with his Labrador Retriever. He is passionate about helping Young Architects change the world. In his free time, Michael likes to take very long bicycle rides across America. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In.