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This blog post was written by Young Architect’s Business Manager, Joanna La Bounty.

Our recently updated Young Architect Job Board has been gaining a lot of attention. Every day, we’re adding great new jobs openings throughout the country.  Makes sense, right?  We have an amazing community of Young Architects, so why not try to get all of them hired by amazing companies?

With the sea of job ads, one in particular really stuck out.  It contained the basics of what the responsibilities were, and which qualifications were needed. But the unique thing about it was how apparent the culture was. There was humor and a real sense of camaraderie in the workplace, which were beautifully conveyed.

Reading it, you didn’t just get a sense of what you would be doing for work, but also a very clear understanding of whom you would be working alongside. When you spend countless hours at your desk, as we all know Architects do, why wouldn’t you want to know upfront if the company culture fits you!?!

I really wish that more job providers would take this same approach.  Could canning canned job descriptions give people something more?  Don’t tell us what an Architect does, or what our task list will be. Describe who you want on your team!  

You know that if someone is a licensed Architect or a graduate of Architecture school, they are not afraid of hard work or long hours, and that they can see a project from conception to completion. I mean, look at what it takes to get to that point in someone’s career!

This approach should also be applied in the reverse situation.  Years ago, I worked in HR, and I cannot begin to tell you how fuzzy my eyes would get after the hundredth resume crossed my desk with the same boring format and verbatim “I am the person for the job” responses.  If I saw one more “hard-working” opening line, I would have exploded. (You didn’t work that hard if you downloaded the Word template and didn’t even use a thesaurus to vary the words!)

In the profession of Architecture, the left brain meets right brain. So maybe it’s time to approach the hiring process in the same way.  Do not tell me what you have done. Tell me where you’re going. Be creative, be you, and help solve the problem.

How about we bring some creativity into the process?  Let's find a better way to find employees and the perfect jobs for us.


Michael Riscica

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