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Building a Better Future for the Next Generation of Architects.

I'm Michael Riscica the Creator of YoungArchitect.com

I started Young Architect as a passion project in 2014, but it has grown into something much bigger. I'm here to help you take your Architecture career to the next level. Welcome to this thriving community!

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Hi, I’m Michael Riscica.

I’m a Licensed Architect, keynote speaker, internationally-recognized blogger, and creator of Young Architect.com, a platform which helps Future Architects succeed in school, work and exams.

As I was pursuing my own path in Architecture, if you told me that one day I’d become a Leader for the NEXT Generation of Architects, especially around passing exams, I would have never believed you. Here’s why:

I struggled with school long before my Architecture years. I was a special education student with reading and writing challenges. Luckily, I discovered my love for Architecture and nothing stopped me from receiving a Bachelors of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology.

Determined to succeed, I invested massive amounts of time in finding a way to pass the Architect Registration exams. My own journey included lots of trial and error, lots of frustration, and taking many tests again and again.

When I started the test-taking journey, I was led to believe these tests would take only six months to complete. Ultimately, I passed all of the exams required for licensure FOUR AND A HALF YEARS LATER. Why four and a half years?? First, because there was no realistic AND helpful process for me to follow and second, because I simply WOULD NOT GIVE UP.

If you’ve already tried to take some of these tests and failed, you know how difficult they can be, and you are in the right place! If you haven’t taken the tests yet, and you want to avoid going through the process without the proper support like I did, you’re in the right place too. We ALL need the right mentorship to succeed.

Through becoming a Licensed Architect there were 3 things that really surprised me:

First, the lack of realistic information and reliable resources to help with the arduous (and highly emotional) test-taking process. Many resources promised the “fast track” to success at high prices and without a significant track record. What seemed more true than the often-promised “fast track” was that intensive study and practice were necessary, but where were the courses, groups and communities designed around this?

It felt like most people talked about the ARE assuming I was a robot or a machine, NOT a human being.

I realized that thousands of friends and colleagues who had declared their desire to become licensed never did. The very real post-Architecture-school dilemma of achieving financial stability and navigating the process of becoming a Licensed Architect proved to be too challenging for a lot of smart and driven people I knew.

Studying for the ARE is such a huge time commitment. Finding the time, and getting the right support, to do this work is the real reason why most people never complete the process.

Too many people look at studying for the ARE with a “just do the minimum and pass the test” attitude. In my experience I learned that studying for the ARE is an opportunity to receive the best education anyone could ever get in how to practice Architecture. This knowledge helped me do my day job better, make myself more valuable to my firm and earn me more money. When I saw the tests through this outlook, I realized they made me a better Architect and a Person.

Everything being tested on the ARE is the knowledge we NEED for the next chapter in our careers. Suddenly everyone wants to “hack their way through” and not really take the time to truly learn the knowledge for the careers they have chosen for their lives. I believe we need to use the ARE as an opportunity to become a SUCCESSFUL Architect (not just passing a silly test) by focusing on excellence, at every level.

THIS is why I created Young Architect.com

It started as a passion project and turned into a business. To help others have what I didn’t. To help more Architects succeed.

Listen, my mission is simple. I’m here to help the next generation of Architects become the most successful generation of Architects.

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