Admitting What You Don’t Know with Marina Curac

Marina Curac 

Podcast Marina Admitting What You Don’t Know with Marina Curac Podcast

Marina Curac didn’t know she wanted to be an architect early on. She grew up on a small island in Croatia, and while she says that she wasn’t exposed to a lot of significant architecture there, she did see a lot of resourcefulness. She admired that and knew that she wanted to do something with it, she just didn’t necessarily know what. She didn’t land on the idea of becoming an architect until she was already in college.  

Marina left Croatia and spent two years in Italy before coming to America in 2009. She attended Washington University in St. Louis. She explains in today’s interview that she enjoyed architecture school but felt restrained by it. She enjoyed making models but wanted to do more than execute someone else’s visions. 

Marina spent two semesters studying abroad while she was in college. She studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Helsinki, Finland. She enjoyed the exposure to other cultures and the experience of studying abroad.  

In today’s interview, Marina talks about feeling like she didn’t learn how to communicate effectively in school. She also shares her experiences with the architect exam and how she’s studying for them now. She also talks about her sketches and her plans to attend the 2020 Young Architect Conference. 

What You’ll Hear on This Episode  

  • What inspired Marina to pursue a career in architecture 
  • When Marina came to America 
  • Marina’s architecture school experience 
  • What it was like for Marina to enter the workforce 
  • Marina’s current job 
  • Marina’s process for studying for the architect exam 
  • How sharing information helps everyone 
  • Marina’s sketches 
  • Marina’s method for answering case study questions 
  • The 2020 Young Architect Conference 
  • Marina’s advice for aspiring architects 
  • What Marina knows now that she didn’t know then 
  • The book that changed everything for Marina 
  • The resource that Marina can’t live without 
  • Marina’s best timesaving trick 
  • How listeners can find Marina 

Top 3 Takeaways from This Episode 

  1. Effective communication is a skill that you have to practice and work on. 
  2. Don’t try to wait until things are perfect before making a move. 
  3. It’s OK to admit when you don’t know something. 

Marina Curac’s Advice for Aspiring Architects 

“Don’t wait for a perfect moment, and don’t wait to be ready, because that’s a lie. Being ready doesn’t exist.” 

Favorite Quotes 

“I know how to say I don’t know.” –Marina Curac on what she knows today that she didn’t know back then 

“Actually, recently, I listened to this audiobook by James Clear. It’s called Atomic Habits.” –Marina Curac on the book that changed everything 

“I have that lamp and I love it so much.” –Marina Curac on the resource she can’t live without 

“The best part comes in the evening before I go to sleep, I just write down a sentence or two about each item on my to-do list.”  –Marina Curac on her best timesaving trick  

Resources Mentioned in the Show: 

Marina Curac 
Washington University 
Atomic Habits by James Clear 


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