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Amber Book Discount

Young Architect has partnered with Amber Book to help YOU get the biggest discount on your monthly Amber Book subscription.

Amber Book is a powerful tool when studying for the AREs and now, you can get the best group pricing without having to organize a group of six people to sign up with.  

Simply apply for the Young Architect Discount below and we will organize the group, so you can get started with Amber Book right away at the lowest pricing available!

Apply below to receive the lowest Amber Book Subscription for $220 per month

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You will immediately receive an email confirming your spot. Then, hang tight. As soon as we have a group of six people together, we will email you a discount code and instructions about how to start your Amber Book subscription.

In the confirmation email, you will also receive:

1. FREE Ticket to attend Young Architect's monthly Getting Started With The ARE Webinar

2. DISCOUNT on a ticket for the next Young Architect Conference

How long before I can sign up for Amber Book?

It could take a few hours, but on average it takes about 1-3 days to create a group. We need six people, before we can share the discount. Young Architect Staff is regularly organizing these groups for the ARE Boot Camp, The ARE Facebook Group and The Young Architect Community.

I'm in a rush to get started, how can I help make this move faster?

Please feel free to share a link to this page to help fill the group more quickly. 

What if someone in my group does not sign up right away?

You are not dependent on the others in your group. We cannot share the code with any less than a group of six people at any time. If someone doesn't sign up, it will not prevent you from getting started. 

How am I connected to the others in the group?

You are not connected to the other members of your group.  Contact information is not shared with the others in the group.  It isn't a study group of six, just six people registering for the Young Architect Amber Discount.  

What is the relationship between Young Architect and Amber Book?

In exchange for organizing these groups, Amber Book gives Young Architect the lowest monthly rate for the Young Architect community. 

In exchange for doing this administrative work, Young Architect receives a commission from Amber Book. Young Architect does not work for Amber Book, it is a separate business. 

For many years Amber Book and Young Architect have worked together on many projects, all focused around helping YOU succeed with your Architect Registration Exams. 

What’s so special about Amber Book anyway?

Amber Book is more than a book! It is a comprehensive, video-based way to supercharge your ARE prep. To learn more at Amber Book’s website click here (but come back to receive the Young Architect discount, which is $170 per month off the monthly subscription).  You can check out Michael's review of The Amber Book here.

Does Amber Book offer Firm Discounts?

Yes, Amber Book offers firm licenses. Once your firm signs up, you and everyone else there gets access to the full Amber Book course, including videos, hardcopy books for each individual, flash cards, practice exams, one-on-one meetings with Michael Ermann, (the Amber Book creator). And because it’s a “buffet all-you-can-eat” model, there’s no need to wait for a seat to open up; anyone in the firm can start studying at anytime.

Considering replacing an existing Black Spectacles Firm License? Amber Book’s firm license is FREE until the Black Spectacles Firm License expires.

Worried that the firm license won’t be worth it? It will be worth it. (And if it isn’t, Amber Book will refund the firm the full year’s tuition, no questions asked. So if after 11.5 months your firm decides the annual subscription wasn't worth the investment, they’ll give it all back. They have 300 firms and no one’s ever been disappointed, but knowing that you can get your money back is helpful.)  

If your firm is interested, check out the details here.