April 2018 Instagram Photos

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Here’s my photos.

All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add me.??

Podcast with David Thaddeus
Annnnnd today on The Young Architect Podcast… I chatted with OUR (the entire professions) Structures Professor, The Great David Thaddeus!!!!! #davidthaddeus #unccharlottecarchitecture



Puerto Rico Travels
Reppin ORLI+ in Puerto Rico!!! Young Architect is their street team and ORLI+ is the Young Architect street team!!!! #southquadpr


Entrepreneurship lecture Puerto Rico
“I focused sooo intensely on doing construction drawings for a living and suddenly there were no projects for anyone to work on.” #Repost @poncedeleonel with @get_repost
Mike’s eggs in one basket. #YoungArchitect #Entrepreneurship lecture @southquadpr
#AlternativeCareerPath #ArchitectsOptions
#NeedMoreFilters #GoodBadPhoto


Antoine Predock Podcast
I just got off the phone with Antoine Predock. We’re going to record a podcast this weekend. ?????‍??????#whatthisarchitectdoes #therealdeal #king #antoinepredock


CSI Memphis
Thank You CSI Memphis!!! @csimemphis #buildit #whatthisarchitectdoes


Young Architect Stickers
YA swag is off da hook.


Michael Networking and Making Friends
I have cultivated such an amazing community of friends around America simply by showing up to architecture conferences. If you aren’t attending architecture conferences, you are missing out on a really good party and amazing networking opportunities.


Architect Meme
Will someone please tell him that both ways verifiably work.


Young Architect Podcast Jaclyn Tyler
I chatted with Architect Jaclyn Tyler today on the Young Architect Podcast. Just another badass Architect who’s deeply passionate about taking the future of our profession in the right direction. Cant wait to share this episode. #whatthisarchitectdoes #whatanarchitectdoes #jaclyntyler


Mike's Bike
This right here, is my summer plans.


Women in Architecture, Long Island
I love the Long Island Women in Architecture. Very inspiring lecture tonight. Excited for more WIA events! AIA Long Island is doing it right!!!

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