Architecture Business Plan Competition with Todd Reding

Todd Reding, President and CEO Charette Venture Group

President and CEO of the Charette Venture Group, Todd Reding, joins us for a special podcast this week to talk about the 2019 Business Plan Competition.  Todd earned his MBA from Northwestern University at the Kellogg School of Management. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer on Entrepreneurialism at the University of Iowa, chair of the board of trustees of Grinnell Regional Medical Center, and a small business owner in rural Iowa.  

Copy of Copy of Using Design to do good for the World 5 Architecture Business Plan Competition with Todd Reding Podcast

The Charette Venture Group is a one-of-a-kind investment firm working specifically with small architecture firms from coast to coast.  Investments can be in the form of capital, technology, mentoring and business advice, marketing, and business development support, or other expertise and resources to help your firm run more successfully.  CVG really specializes in developing long-term relationships to help your firm grow and succeed.

2019 Architecture Business Plan Competition

The Business Plan Competition was first created in 2014 this is the only U.S. competition that promotes important business fundamentals in architectural practices.  This competition is all about the innovators!

Registrations are due by January 10th, 2019.   Registration is free, will take less than two minutes to get the process started, and always kept confidential.  Working through this exercise will help you define for your growing business the following:

  • What is my message to the marketplace?
  • What value do I bring to my clients?
  • How do I define my firms culture?
  • What time and resources do I need to invest in order to achieve my growth plan?

Once submitted, you will be directed to create an executive summary plan which shares your vision for the coming years regarding people, projects, and growth.

The winners will receive over $5,000 in cash and prizes, including travel to the 2019 AIA Conference on Architecture in Las Vegas.

So if you are a small firm with big plans for innovative growth, register!

Favorite Quote

“If you do not define these things like culture, message, and direction, they will define themselves for you.”


Charette Venture Group


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