Architecture in the Movies

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Architecture in the Movies


Architecture in the Movies


People ask me all the time who my favorite architect is…

Which is a loaded question…

Let’s be honest. I know a lot of architects.

But Doug Patt is my favorite.

His positivity is contagious. He’s funny, and he’s damn good at practicing architecture. His designs and graphics are always beautiful. When I hire an architect to design The Young Architect Headquarters, Doug Patt definitely has the job.

Doug has also become one of my favorite professors of architecture, and he exclusively teaches on YouTube.  

Recently, I was snooping around Doug’s YouTube channel, and I found these really awesome videos about Architecture in the Movies:






And last but not least, here’s a Doug Patt video bonus. It’s about a house he designed for Kevin Bacon that’s separated by 6 interstitial spaces:


Thanks for keeping it real, Doug Patt!


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