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Julie Foley

Podcast Julie ARE Success: Self vs. Teamwork with Julie Foley Podcast

As with many aspiring architects, Legos were the first sign of Julie Foley’s interest in architecture. Julie recalls being more excited about small Lego stocking stuffers than any of the other big presents ready for her on Christmas morning, and that’s how she found her way into building and design.

In today’s exam, Julie tells the story of her architect exams, which included a number of false starts. She explains why her architect exams were not a straightforward exercise and how she got from where she was to where she is now. That includes how she got to the Young Architect Boot Camp and how it helped her.

Julie also talks about her interest in CDT and why she thinks it’s so important to understand. And she discusses the Young Architect Conference, her thoughts on who it’s for, and why it’s such a positive experience. 

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Why Julie got interested in architecture
  • How Julie chose an architecture school
  • What architecture school was like for Julie
  • What Julie learned from graduating at a difficult time for the global economy
  • How Julie got into the architecture exams
  • How Julie found the boot camp and how its worked for her
  • How boot camp was different from studying by herself
  • Julie’s thoughts on the ARE Food Camp
  • The CDT Exam
  • An architect’s motivation
  • Julie’s advice for aspiring architects
  • What Julie knows now that she didn’t know then
  • The book that changed everything for Julie
  • Julie’s thoughts on the Young Architect Conference
  • Julie’s favorite resource, product, or gadget
  • Julie’s best time saving trick
  • How listeners can find Julie

Top Three Takeaways from This Episode:

  1. Failing teaches you how to recover.
  2. Question both things and people.
  3. Just keep going and don’t stop.

Julie’s Advice for Aspiring Architects:

“The very best advice that I was taught, it came from my folks. And they had very high expectations of all of us kids growing up. And it was to fail, and once you do, pick yourself up. You need to learn how to fail so you know how to recover. So I think it’s important for an aspiring anything to know how to fail so you know how to get back up.”

Favorite Quotes:

“The community is a lot bigger and a lot more welcoming than what I thought it was when I first graduated.” –Julie on what she knows today that she didn’t know back then

“Well, the book is called Zen as Fuck.” –The book that changed everything for Julie

“A notepad and a pen.” –Julie on her favorite resource, product, or gadget

“I make lists. I write them down.” –Julie on her best time-saving trick

Resources Mentioned on the Show:

Julie Foley


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