Getting Started with ARE 5.0

Save Time & Reduce Stress

Study to pass your first Architect Exam with Young Architect's 10-Week Video Program

Getting Started with ARE 5.0

Save Time & Reduce Stress

Study to pass your first Architect Exam with Young Architect's 10-Week Video Program

This Program is designed to Train you How To you study for The Architecture exam

...and Pass The First Time!

Michael Riscica has helped more than 250 ARE Candidates get started with making fast progress on taking their first Architect Exam with his popular ARE Boot Camp Program.


Michael’s approach to Getting Started With ARE 5.0 has been verifiably successful with the popular ARE Boot Camp.

After the amazing success of the ARE Boot Camp – with more than 250 young architects going through the program – we have discovered an effective study method that anyone can use to pass these exams.

The 'Getting Started With ARE 5.0 Video Program' is a 10-week curriculum designed to help you study for the Architecture Exam – with greater concentration on what matters, and less stress!

The GOALS of this 10-week program are:

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    Eliminate the overwhelm of information and confusion of beginning this process.
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    Teach you how to study for the ARE. Help you figure out how to effectively use all this information.
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    Share many tips and tricks to help you study used in the ARE Boot Camp.
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    Tell you exactly how to get started, by providing a step-by-step syllabus.
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    Change your beliefs and opinions about the exam, passing & failing and popular bad advice.

“With the structure of this program, I finished all exams within 11 months, and now I’m applying for registration with the state of Florida!” – Amanda G.

This program WILL NOT do the following:

  • Teach you all the content required to pass the test. I want to teach you, how to teach it to yourself.
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    Provide the study materials. I provide some information, but to get started you’ll need The Ballast 5.0 ARE Review manual and Kaplan/Brightwood 4.0 CDS Study Guide.
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    Give you face to face, one on one accountability. I will teach you where to go to ask questions, however If face to face to face accountability is important then I recommend Young Architect’s more expensive ARE Boot Camp program.
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    Provide you a “Get Rich Quick” approach to passing the tests, without learning the content. This program's approach is to embrace the information, get an education, become better at the craft of practicing architecture. Passing the test will be a byproduct of your professional development.

The self-guided test-taking process is the biggest challenge that ARE Candidates face.

When I took the ARE several years ago, I had many of the same issues and challenges that people are still struggling with today. Part of what inspired me to start was sharing this information - how to study for these difficult exams, how to structure your time, how to track your activity, and how to decide what to work on next.

It’s not the content of these exams that makes them so difficult to take. It’s the discipline, determination, and motivation you need to keep plugging away at it year after year, until you’ve passed all six exams.

Michael Riscica

Founder of

This 10-week Video Program is designed for people who know that success will require them to develop:


Build new habits that give you a track record of successful completion of program course work


Figure out how to find the time to study, and implement sustainable study methods while working full time


Find the inspiration that go-getters use to ensure success in challenging situations

** Please Note - This program will launch on January 1, 2018 **

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Program Outline

Phase 1

Building a Foundation of Knowledge

Weeks 1-5

  • Get Started by Learning the basics first
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    Establish Solid Study Habits
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    Decide How to Plan Your Week

Phase 2

Choose Your Own Adventure

Weeks 5-10

Pick One Exam To Focus On

  • Project Management (PjM)​​​​
  • Practice Management (PcM)
  • Construction Evaluation (CE)

Phase 1 - Foundation (The First 5 Weeks)

When you start designing a new building on an empty site, do you begin by figuring out the interior paint colors, and worrying about the window and building envelope details?

No, not at all…….

You start by understanding the bigger picture, by investigating the shape of the building, and how it sits on the site. As you start to solve more problems and have more information, THEN you begin to slowly start to zoom in and get close to solving all the details.

The good news is, studying for the Architect Exam works exactly the same way.

Before we zoom into the detailed nature of the PcM, PjM and CE exams, its best that we build a foundation on the fundamentals of:

  • Basics of ADA and Building Codes.
  • Basics of Project Delivery Methods
  • Basics of Construction Administration
  • Basics of Sustainability, Historic Preservation and Hazardous Materials
  • Basics of Managing Projects
  • Basics of AIA Contracts – A201 and B101

All of these topics are expanded upon greatly in Phase 2, however getting into the basics of each of these topics and seeing how they relate to each other is fundamental to success in ARE 5.0.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the foundation period is about figuring out where you’ll find the time to do this work. If you don’t have the time to do this, then this course, any course or the best study materials are all useless.

The big part of the foundation is figuring out where you’ll find 8-15 hours of extra time after you’ve worked a 40 hour week.

At the end of Foundation you’ll take a close look at the three 5.0 exams, and decide which to take first:

  • Practice Management (PcM)
  • Project Management (PjM)
  • Construction Evaluation (CE)

Phase 2 - Focusing On the Exam (The Second 5 Weeks)

Zoom Into The Details

During Phase 2 we will build onto the information studied during the first half, and start breaking down the details of whichever exam you have chosen to take.

More study materials will be required in phase 2, but this course will help you figure out what those are and how to use them.

At the end of Phase 2 we will discuss taking the exam you've chosen, and how to transition into taking your second exam.

Additional Bonuses

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    Getting Started with the ARE 1 hour overview lecture
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    Recorded meetups discussing practice exam questions
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    FAQ Videos anticipating many common questions
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    Ballast and Brightwood 4.0 to 5.0 Study Material Conversion Charts

Study Tools

  • ARE Time Tracking Study Log
  • Weekly study checklist and detailed syllabus
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    Curated list of study materials (with video overviews)
  • Closed Facebook group and forum membership
Michael Riscica

 Michael Riscica 

Founder of

From the people I see trying to short cut the process by doing the minimum they possibly can, or setting up unrealistic schedules, It ends up taking them much longer than if they just took the time to do it right. 

I know for a fact that the education you receive studying for the Architect Exam will:

  • Help you do your job better and
  • Make you more valuable to your office,
  • Help you earn more money, long before you finish all your exams or become a licensed Architect. 

It certainly did for me.

Step-By-Step Guidance To Help You Through the ARE Study Process

“Getting organized was a huge feat for me and you really helped me figure this out. I was trying to figure my way around the ARE, but I was such a newbie coming into it, despite studying on my own for months prior. The program really helped give me a framework, and I didn’t feel lost and overwhelmed anymore." 

– Tory M.

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