Start Making Massive Progress on the ARE!

The ARE Boot Camp is a Virtual Study Group with participants all over America studying together for ARE 5.0. It’s just like a design studio, except everyone is studying for their exams and learning from each other.

How I Developed A Successful ARE Study Group

NCARB’s Architecture Registration Exam (ARE) is one of the most difficult professional exams to take. Ironically, it’s not the content that makes it so difficult. It’s the discipline, determination, and motivation to keep plugging away at it day after day, until you’ve passed all 6 exams. Fewer than 10% of the people I graduated with (or even know)—who “were” on the path to licensure—actually followed through and became licensed Architects.

When I took the ARE several years ago, I had many of the same issues and challenges that people are still struggling with today. After my exams were complete, I felt like there had to be a better way to become a Licensed Architect. I struggled to find anyone or a resource to help support me during this time. This is what inspired me to start and start sharing helpful information.

I’ve worked with thousands of ARE Candidates and lectured all over America. It is crystal clear that the self-guided test-taking process is the biggest challenge that ARE Candidates face. Prior to the ARE, there was absolutely nothing self-guided about architecture education, and most ARE Candidates have no idea how to even get started preparing for their first exam.

To combat this problem, in September 2015, I developed The ARE Boot Camp and have taken 1000+ ARE Candidates through this powerful 10 week program. The Boot Camp is designed for a small group of ARE Candidates, and it helps them get set up for success.

The ARE Boot Camp focuses on learning the knowledge at a very deep level, so it can be applied to your career and you will pass exams as a byproduct of that goal. This approach is unlike others which focus around unrealistic deadlines, doing the minimum and cramming information just to pass a test. It is a pioneering approach, unlike anything else I know that’s available in our industry.

Here are some unique ways the ARE Boot Camp solves the challenge of passing the exams:

I provide the syllabus, schedule, milestones, deadlines, and accountability for everyone to study during the week. We meet weekly to discuss the curriculum, check in with how the studying went and to see what we can learn from each other.

Participants in the Boot Camp get together (almost everyday) via video chat to study and work together as a group. Very quickly, everyone in the Boot Camp starts teaching the content to each other, which becomes a powerful learning tool for obtaining a deeper understanding.

Test-taking isn’t just technical; it’s highly emotional. I have learned a big part of creating this program has been treating people as unique individuals, because the one size fits all approach to completing the ARE’s, just doesnt work. Through the weekly coaching we customize and personalize the program to meet the needs of each person who signs up.

Most importantly, the biggest focus of the ARE Boot Camp isn’t just about passing NCARB exams.
it’s really about using STUDYING for the ARE as an opportunity to become the BEST Architect you can be.

The 2 Different ARE Boot Camps

The ARE Boot Camp is broken into 2 different groups:

*For people just BEGINNING the ARE’s.

The Pro-Practice Group

(Practice Management, Project Management and Construction Evaluation Exams)

Since much of the 5.0 PcM, PjM, and CE exams have significant overlapping information, I have the candidates studying for these exams meet in the same group.

For the first 5 weeks, we focus on understanding the bigger picture of professional practice topics. Then, during the last 5 weeks, everyone chooses one exam (PcM, PjM or CE) and exclusively focuses on it for the rest program.

You are ideal for this program if:

*For people at the END of their exams.

The Technical Group

(Project Planning and Design &
Project Development and Documentation)

Important: To be eligible for the Technical PPD/PDD Boot Camp, you must have passed PcM, PjM and CE.

You must have also studied for and taken the PA Exam. Passing PA isn’t a requirement, but studying and taking the exam is required.

The PPD/PDD exams have proven to be very difficult to prepare for. In this Technical program, we use a proven methodology and strategy to study for PPD/PDD, which has been a powerful factor in pushing people successfully across the finish line.

You are ideal for this program if:

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When You Sign Up, This Is What You Get:

As a group, we will meet each week via Zoom video chat for about an hour. We’ll check in and I will coach you through the Boot Camp curriculum.

The 10-week Boot Camp program is very structured. I provide a weekly curriculum that focuses on studying the information in the most effective sequence.

You will have access to exclusive study materials and bonus videos to enhance the impact of the ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program. 

You'll meet and study several times a week with 20-30 other people across all US times zones who are working towards the same goals as you.

You will log your daily study time and use this data to create a realistic testing schedule designed around YOU and what's happening in your life.

Continue the dialogue about the ARE Boot Camp meetings. Many ARE Boot Camp Alum continue to use the group to discuss their current exams.

Please note: The above list comes as part of the entire Coaching Program. If you do not show up and participate, the availability of these will be limited, if not revoked. This program is designed to be interactive and not a self-guided study system. This is a face to face, interactive coaching program, NOT a study materials program.

The Very Best Part of the Program is…

The Boot Camp Community.

After working with so many different ARE Candidates since 2015, I’ve found that the biggest benefits they received involve having face-to-face communications and being part of a group of people that are all working toward the same goal and the shared commitment towards excellence.

This program is designed to get away from the self-guided studying model. It’s more aligned with the design studio model of learning used in architecture school. The ARE Boot Camp is a community and has a ton of camaraderie.

Everyone enrolled in the program studies very closely with 20-30 different people all over America. We get to know each other really well. We share insights and experiences and we all learn from each other.

To Join the ARE Boot Camp:

You must have written authorization from NCARB and your State Board to take the ARE.

At the 5-week mark, the entire group will schedule their exams. You must be eligible to schedule an exam.

If you are unsure if you are eligible, try to schedule an exam (do not actually do it, but verify you can). We will schedule them together.

To succeed in this program, you must:

Make time to study.

Let’s be honest, no one has time to study for the ARE, but the only way to complete it is to make time and sacrifice less important things. It's expected is that you will spend between 10-25 hours a week studying. The Boot Camp has a long track record of helping very busy people find more time than they ever thought they had. I will help you figure this out.

Have the financial ability.

You can pay for the exam, study materials, program fee, and many cups of coffee.

Have the study materials.

I will discuss the study materials at the Boot Camp Orientation. Please do not spend any money until we discuss study materials at the Boot Camp Orientation.

Have a good internet connection.

Having face-to-face communication is a big part of the ARE Boot Camp. You’ll need to be able to use Zoom Video Conferencing on a computer or smartphone. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you can call in on your phone, and the audio will be clear. I also recommend getting a good headset for video conferencing. You’ll definitely use it.

Be serious and willing to work hard!

Attendance at the weekly meeting is extremely important. Being supportive of others also plays a big part in your own success with the ARE—and in life.

Who isn’t this program for?

People looking for an accelerated shortcut.

I’ve learned trying to short cut the ARE doesn’t work and will only make the process take longer. ARE Boot Camp focuses on actually learning the content to pass the exam.

People without time.

The program requires you to study between 10-25 hours per week. This is a time consuming program with significant face to face time. Others will be dependent on you showing up.

People committed to other coaching programs or study groups.

The ARE Boot Camp methodology is unique from every other program out there. We do not accept people currently enrolled in other online study groups or following some other methodology.

People not committed to being at the weekly meetings.

The program could not exist if you do not show up. Attendance of the program is MANDATORY, with an exception to emergencies and advance notice about events, like weddings. Special arrangements can be made with communication and advance notice.

Enrollment Process


Allow yourself 20 minutes to register for Boot Camp.

 Select a program below, complete the payment and and you will be immediately redirected into the Young Architect Academy to complete the Registration. 

The Young Architect Academy will be the central hub of the ARE Boot Camp.


Join me for a live one hour presentation where I'll share how the Boot Camp works inside and out. 

We'll discuss study materials and you'll have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have about the program.


Shortly after the Orientation, I will follow up with an email summarizing our conversation, and I'll give you some important tasks to work on before the program begins. That way, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.


Both Tech and Pro-Practice groups will meet for 10 weeks each Tuesday afternoon or evening (depending on your time zone). Each meeting is about an hour long.  You will be able to select the meeting time during ARE Boot Camp Registration. The Boot Camp weekly meeting times are first come, first serve. To sign up for December's Boot Camp, please select the Tuesday Boot Camp button below.

* Update 12/2/21

  • December Boot Camp is sold out. We will post information on when sign ups for January Boot Camp will be on 12/3/2021

Important Registration Notes:

  • It will take about 20 minutes to complete the ARE Boot Camp registration; your space is not reserved until you've completed the steps after making the payment.
  • Make sure you thoroughly read all the information on this page and FAQ's at the bottom.
  • To expedite registration, create a free account at prior to signing up.
  • Space is limited and The ARE Boot Camp always sells out.

The payment options for the program are:

  • $999 paid in full
  • 2 payments of $519 = $1,038
  • 3 payments of $353 = $1,059

If you choose to use our payment plan, your card will be charged for the first payment when you sign up. You will then automatically be charged every 30 days, until Boot Camp is paid in full.

Getting Started With The ARE Webinar! 

Michael Riscica (ARE Boot Camp Head Coach) will be giving his popular How To Pass The ARE Webinar on December 9th at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, 4pm PT This lecture is very different from the presentations that NCARB or other organizations give about the ARE. It’s a real-world, truth-filled presentation that will help set you up for success with ARE 5.0.

The How to Pass The ARE Webinar is for people who at the beginning of their ARE Journey.  You can sign up at

The Pro-Practice Group

(for PcM, PjM & CE)

Register Here For The Pro-Practice
Boot Camp


The Technical Group*

(for PPD/PDD)

Register Here For The Technical
Boot Camp

December 2021 Technical Boot Camp is SOLD OUT
See update above for information about January 2022 Boot Camp

*To be eligible for Tech Boot Camp you MUST pass PcM, PjM and CE (or 4.0 transitioned) and have studied for and taken the PA Exam, at the time of registering for Tech Boot Camp. 

Do not register for Technical Boot Camp until you have completed those requirements. 

Passing PA isn't a requirement, but studying really hard for PA and taking the PA Exam is a prerequisite for Technical Bootcamp.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Each group has up to 12-14 people. I purposely keep it small because the value of the program is that it’s very personalized. That way, we can get to know each other in the group.

Next month. Shortly after we finish filling THIS boot camp, we will post the date and times registration will open for the NEXT boot camp.  2021 and 2022 will have a new boot camp starting each month. 

It’s easy to use and works perfectly for a group of this size. You can get on the calls online via your computer or smartphone. Here’s the worst-case scenario: If your WiFi signal isn’t super strong, you can use your cell phone to call in. The audio is clear, so you won’t miss a beat.

ARE Boot Camp helps people get started or finish their exams. No, there is NOT a separate Boot Camp for PA. Once you have completed the 10 week Boot Camp Curriculum, I will help you figure out PA when that time comes.

The intention of the program is to hold your hand for 10 weeks, study for 1 test together, and teach you how to finish the rest of the exams on your own. It is not to keep selling Boot Camps to you. After the program is complete I have several systems in place to keep supporting the Alumni long after Boot Camp has completed. We will discuss how that works as you get closer to completing the program.

We will schedule exams as part of the ARE Boot Camp Curriculum, please do not schedule anything. You will take your exam AFTER completing the 10 week curriculum. If you already have a test scheduled, we can discuss it at ARE Boot Camp Orientation. 

I am not accepting anyone into the group who cannot commit to being on all the calls. It’s not fair to the group. This group is very much about accountability and showing up. Sure, it’s understandable if there is an emergency or a one-time situation when you know in advance that you can’t attend. We can work around that. Every person needs to make attendance a priority. Just see it as a recurring weekly meeting that you can’t get out of.

Absolutely. This program was created for you. I want to help you figure out how to juggle everything. Keep in mind that you will have to make space for it in your life somehow, which may mean sacrificing time somewhere else. This program is very successful at helping busy people figure out how to find the time to study. I will be discussing this more during your orientation.

No. If you're serious about ARE Boot Camp, wait until I give you further instructions about what to do next. At orientation, I will give you plenty of things to keep you busy until the program begins. These tasks will set you up for success once the program begins.   

If you don't want to waste time, then just follow the ARE Boot Camp Curriculum. It has been carefully designed and repeatedly tested with thousands of ARE Boot Campers since 2015.

If you enroll and then cancel within 24 hours, I can refund you, less a 3% processing fee. If you cancel up until 7 days before the Boot Camp starts, I can offer you a refund, less $300 cancellation fee. Due to the limited availability of this program, 6 days before the Boot Camp begins, no refunds are issued. Additionally, after ARE Boot Camp has begun there are no partial or full refunds available.

While I would love to say yes, the program is structured in such a way that it is highly interactive and face to face. Being in such a different time zone prevents so much of the interaction that is key to the success of the program. So, unfortunately, we are no longer able to accommodate Boot Campers outside of EST / CST / MST / PST time zones.

Our Boot Camp is a super diverse program with people from all over the globe. As of 2020, 80% of the our Boot Campers are female, and 60% speak English as a second language.

Easy, it’s the accountability and community of people. It’s being a part of this group. It’s getting away from that model of “self-guided studying” and getting back to our roots of working collaboratively with others.

Yes! We want to reward your commitment and dedication for getting to that finish line. What better way than a shiny GOLD medal! Once you finish your exams, let us know and we will arrange getting you your GOLD medal and celebrate you at the next Young Architect Conference. You worked hard, you deserve it!

More Questions?

If you still have questions, please use the chat feature in the bottom right. It will start a live chat with me or someone from Young Architect who can answer questions about ARE Boot Camp. If we are unavailable, it will email you back when we return.

I am happy to have a short phone call with you to discuss the Boot Camp. A conversation with me can quickly help you determine if you are a good fit. If you would like to speak with someone who has completed the program, please let me know and that can easily be arranged.