The ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program

Get Licensed!

Join the program that has helped thousands pass the AREs and become Licensed Architects since 2015.

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Here are some unique ways the ARE Boot Camp Coaching program
helps you pass exams:

Design Studio Approach

No more studying alone. Just like in Architecture School, you will be connected with a group of people who are studying together online.

Highly Structured

Stay engaged and on track with a weekly syllabus, meetings, coaching sessions, videos, documents, and group study sessions.

Personalized Coaching

Individual support because one size fits all doesn't work. We all learn and process information differently.

How does the ARE Boot Camp work?

Our unique program was created to help YOU become a successful licensed Architect.  

Organized into small groups of 12-14 participants, you will be provided a detailed curriculum, schedule with milestones and deadlines over the course of 10 weeks.

The ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program includes (but is not limited to);

Weekly Coaching

Attend weekly coaching meeting to discuss accomplishments, struggles, and ensure you are on track towards meeting your goals.

Mindset Mentoring

Increase your chance of passing by learning how to think about the AREs and have the best mindset for success

Exclusive Content

Access to exclusive study materials and bonus videos to enhance the impact of the ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program. 

Structure Syllabus

Receive a 10 week structured curriculum that is designed to help you understand what to study, how to study it and when to study it.

Time Tracking Tools

Gain resources to utilize time tracking tools to maximize your study habits and accountability.

Proven Strategies

Our time-tested methods helps you navigate the process of studying and even taking the exams on test day.

Meet Your Head Coach

Hi I’m Michael Riscica,

My goal is to help as many people as I can (at a variety of price points) PASS their exams and succeed in their architecture careers. 

I started Young Architect as a passion project in 2014, but it has grown into something much bigger. I'm here to help you take your Architecture career to the next level. Welcome to this thriving community!

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Thousands of ARE Candidates have passed their exams as a result of taking the ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program. 

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Enrollment Process


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Determine Your Program

The flowchart below will help clarify the appropriate group for you

Pro Practice – for people BEGINNING their exams


Technical – for people FINISHING their exams


Check Eligibility

To qualify as a member of the ARE Boot Camp, you must have permission to test from both NCARB and your State Licensure Board.  

To check, please see instructions here.

Pay & Complete Registration

Simply click the button below to secure your spot.  

Additional, required enrollment instructions will then be provided.

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The Pro-Practice Group

(for PcM, PjM & CE)

Register Here For The Pro-Practice
Boot Camp


The Technical Group

(for PPD/PDD)

Register Here For The Technical
Boot Camp

June 2022 Technical Boot Camp is SOLD OUT. Details for July Boot Camp will be posted shortly.

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Additional information and complete details about the program can be found here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for the Technical Boot Camp you have to study and take the PA exam. 

Passing PA is not a requirement, but studying REALLY hard and taking this exam, is a prerequisite of the Technical Boot Camp. 

If you didn't pass PA, we will focus on PPD/PDD and make PA your last exam. 

Easy, it’s the accountability and community of people. It’s being a part of this group. It’s getting away from that model of “self-guided studying” and getting back to our roots of working collaboratively with others.

Absolutely! This program was created for you. We want to work with you  to figure out how to juggle everything. This program is very successful at helping busy people find the time to study. 

After we finish filling THIS boot camp, we will post the date and times when registration will open for the NEXT boot camp. 2022 will have a new boot camp starting each month.

The weekly coaching meetings take place either in the later afternoon or evening, depending on your time zone.  Meeting time selection is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. The weekly meetings last approximately 1 hour

The Boot Camp Groups are between 12-14 people.This small size is key to making it a highly personalized experience.  It allows everyone to get to know each other.

It’s easy to use and works perfectly for a group of this size. You can join the calls via your computer or smartphone. Even if your WiFi signal isn’t super strong, you can use your cell phone to call in. The audio is clear, so you won’t miss a beat.

There are three payment options for the Boot Camp.  You can pay in full at $999, make three payments at $353 each, or four payments at $269 each. 

If you enroll and then cancel within 24 hours, I can refund you, less a $150 cancellation fee. If you cancel up until 7 days before the Boot Camp starts, I can offer you a refund, less $300 cancellation fee. Due to the limited availability of this program, 6 days before the Boot Camp begins, no refunds are issued. Additionally, after ARE Boot Camp has begun there are no partial or full refunds available.

No, there is NOT a separate Boot Camp for PA. Once you have completed the 10 week Boot Camp Curriculum, you will be given access to PA content to help you study.

To be eligible to take the Technical Boot Camp you must have studied (really hard) for PA.  Passing is a not a requirement, but at least attempting is.  

No, we recommend you wait until Boot Camp begins. At orientation, we will give you plenty of things to keep you busy until the program begins. These tasks will set you up for success once the program begins.   

The ARE Boot Camp Curriculum has been carefully designed and repeatedly tested with thousands of ARE Boot Campers since 2015 to maximize your time.

Please don't do anything yet! We will work together as part of the ARE Boot Camp curriculum to schedule your exam. You will take your exam AFTER completing the 10 week curriculum. If you already have a test scheduled, we can discuss it at ARE Boot Camp Orientation. 

We're glad you love it! But the intention of the program is to guide you through the material for 10 weeks, study for 1 test together and empower you to finish the rest of the exams on your own. After the program is complete there are several systems in place to keep supporting you long after Boot Camp has completed. We will discuss how that works as you get closer to completing the program.

While we would love to say yes, the program is structured in such a way that it is highly interactive and face to face. Being in such a different time zone prevents so much of the interaction that is key to the success of the program. So, unfortunately, we are no longer able to accommodate Boot Campers outside of EST / CST / MST / PST time zones.

Our Boot Camp is a super diverse program with people from all over the globe. As of 2020, 80% of our Boot Campers are female and 60% speak English as a second language.

Yes! We want to reward your commitment and dedication for getting to that finish line. What better way than a shiny GOLD medal? Once you finish your exams, let us know and we will arrange getting you your GOLD medal and celebrate you at the next Young Architect Conference. You worked hard, you deserve it!

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More Questions?

If you still have questions, please use the chat feature (live from 9 – 5 ET Monday – Friday)  in the bottom right.  If we are unavailable, we will email you back when we return.

If you would rather have a personal phone call with Michael, please submit the best phone number to reach you at via the chat.

We look forward to hearing from you!