How To Pass ARE 5.0 in 2022: Online Webinar with Q&A

Since 2014, Architect Michael Riscica from has helped thousands of ARE Candidates figure out how to juggle their already busy lifestyles, and start making massive progress on the Architect Exam.

When you sign up for the upcoming online webinar, you will learn:

  • How the exam has recently been updated, explained in a way that is easy to understand and why you should care about the old exam.
  • The #1 thing that will determine your success on the ARE. The answer might surprise you.
  • How success in architecture school has nothing in common with success on the Architect exam (and why that matters).
  • Top 5 completely avoidable mistakes that are repeatedly made by most ARE Candidates.
  • How to study effectively—while working 40 hours, raising kids, and managing life’s responsibilities.

The Next Webinar will be:

Date: Thursday, February 17th, 2022
Time: 7pm ET;  6 pm CT; 5 pm MT; 4 pm PT
Duration: About 2 hours – 1 hour 30 minutes lecture + 30 min Q&A
Space is limited – Only $10 to attend the webinar

This powerful lecture is followed by an interactive Q&A session will ensure all your ARE related questions will be answered!

If you would like to attend and the cost is prohibitive for any reason at all, several people from the ARE Community would like to sponsor you to attend. Send an email to and I will connect you with one of the Sponsors.


See what others have had to say about Young Architect Webinars!

“It's motivating, it's insightful, it gives you the reality check you NEED!

The webinar did a great job of recommending better strategies and reminding me to show up everyday and make it an essential – a priority. It was good to hear from others going through the process about their successes and failures

“This webinar was a great motivator to study and take my AREs. It helped me to take a real look at my WHY and understand that studying for the ARE is about becoming a SUCCESSFUL ARCHITECT and not just checking off a box on this journey to licensure. The amount of study resources out there is overwhelming but I thank Michael R. for breaking things down into bite sizes, and reminding us to take a moment to BREATH and encourage us that WE GOT THIS!


I can’t make it at that time…Can I sign up and just watch a recording?

Space for the webinar is very limited. If you can not attend, join the next time its offered. 

Can I buy a single ticket and watch it with my friends or team?

No, this webinar is designed for single users only. Please contact Joanna at to discuss group pricing options.