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CDT Certification Featured V2 Blog

Want to learn more about becoming CDT Certified?  Do you want to know why ALL Architecture Professionals should have their CDT certification? The Construction Documents

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Why you keep failing NCARB ARE 50 Blog

Are you dumbfounded why you failed a recent ARE 5.0 exam? Are you frustrated because you thought you were going to pass? What if you

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LeEllen Podcast Blog

LeEllen Lewis LeEllen remembers that when she was young, her family used to go to a timeshare that had places to stay that were built

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Gwendoline Podcast Blog

Gwendoline Albright Gwendoline Albright is not someone who grew up building with Legos or drawing and planning to become an architect. Instead, she initially wanted

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Nathan Podcast 1 Blog

Nathan Taylor Nathan Taylor didn’t have architecture on his radar growing up – at least not consciously. He did enjoy art and took all of

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Leslie Podcast Blog

Leslie Norton Leslie remembers being one of those kids who just knows what they want to do in life from a very young age. She’s

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Glen Podcast Blog

Glen Urena Growing up in Queens in the 80s, Glen Urena didn’t have any idea that he wanted to become an architect. In fact, what

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Patricia Podcast Blog

Patricia Ashleigh Patricia feels like she always knew that she wanted to be involved with design. As a child, she was always drawing, usually pictures

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Podcast Jessica G. Blog

Jessica Gardenhire Jessica Gardenhire grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the daughter of an electrician, and she cites him as a big influence on

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Podcast Stephen Blog

Stephen Drew Some people take a long and winding route to realize that architecture is the field for them. Stephen Drew is not one of

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Podcast Parva Blog

Parva Markiw Parva Markiw is an architect and a speaker at the Young Architect Conference Series. Her interest in architecture goes back to when she

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Podcast Ace Blog

Andrew Houston Andrew Houston, also known as Ace, is a returning guest of the Young Architect Podcast. He also has a special place in the

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