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Monica Denais is a returning guest to the Young Architect podcast. In her previous appearance, she joined the podcast along with her husband, Adam. In today’s episode, Monica is a solo guest.  

Monica is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Texas, and because of her current position and her experience with the challenges of architecture school through her husband, she often works with architecture students and students in related fields. She shares some of the types of problems that she commonly sees architecture students struggling with, as well as some of the strategies that she recommends for those students.  

Monica is also the host of her own podcast, Café with Monica. In today’s episode, Monica talks about some of the challenges of creating her podcast, what kinds of topics she covers on the podcast, and what changes she plans to make going forward.  

What You’ll Hear on This Episode  

  • Monica’s background 
  • How Monica decided to become a counselor 
  • Monica’s path to becoming a licensed counselor 
  • What it was like being married to an architect going through studio 
  • Where Monica works now 
  • Monica’s work with architecture students 
  • Strategies that Monica uses with architecture students 
  • The importance of mental health care in architecture school 
  • Practical tips for people who are going through a tough time with mental health 
  • How to handle sleep issues 
  • What Monica plans to talk about at the 2020 Young Architect Conference 
  • How Monica’s podcast is going 
  • Monica’s advice for aspiring architects 
  • What Monica knows now that she didn’t know then 
  • The book that changed everything for Monica 
  • The resource that Monica can’t live without 
  • Monica’s best timesaving trick 
  • How listeners can find Monica 

Top 3 Takeaways from This Episode 

  1. Mental health care is necessary maintenance 
  2. It’s OK to ask for help when you need it. 
  3. You don’t have to handle everything all by yourself.  

Monica Denais’s Advice for Aspiring Architects 

“Always ask for help and constantly ask questions. Be curious. It’s so important that you’re curious.” 

Favorite Quotes  

“That I didn’t have to do it all.” –Monica Denais on what she knows today that she didn’t know back then 

“Atomic Habits by James Clear.” –Monica Denais on the book that changed everything 

“Specifically, like app-wise, it’s Evernote.” –Monica Denais on the resource she can’t live without 

“Time blocking. Putting time limits on what I have to do.” –Monica Denaison her best timesaving trick 

Resources Mentioned in the Show:  

Café with Monica 
Therapy with Monica 
Café with Monica on Facebook 
Café with Monica on Instagram 


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