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Organizations Who Support Emerging Professionals and Young Architects

By Michael Riscica

Investing in the Future of the Architecture Profession I’ve been writing the blog on for 3.5 years now. Frequently, Young Architect readers reach out to me and ask if I know of any local resources, events, study groups, or connections in their area. Yes! Yes, there are many fine organizations across America who vividly […]


The Architect Registration Exam Pep Talk – Podcast

By Michael Riscica

  You can also listen to this podcast on YouTube by clicking here!  A friendly little podcast pep talk for the person who is stuck in the middle of taking the Architect Exam. Read the original blog post: If you enjoyed this podcast, you should also check out: Passing The Architect Registration Exam in 7 […]


Doing The Minimum As An Architect, In Life and On The Exam. 

By Michael Riscica

Our friend Jose Fraticelli interviewed me for his blog Architect on Coffee. I discussed how it frustrates me everyone has a million reasons to get licensed and very few people ever acknowledge how the education gained through studying for the ARE will fundamentally make you a better Architect.  For me obtaining my license became a […]


The Truth About All ARE Study Materials

By Michael Riscica

  My Relationship with ARE Study Materials I’ve started writing reviews of The Ballast and Architect Exam Prep study materials for ARE 5.0. Since many Young Architect readers are curious about my opinion, they’ve begged me to get this done as quickly as possible. Guys, I’m working on it. I like to go through each […]


Understanding Architect Licensing in America for Foreign Architects

By Michael Riscica

The Emails I Receive From Foreign Architects Ever since I began Young Architect 3 years ago, I have received a significant amount of email from Foreign Architects around the world, who’re frustrated, annoyed, and even furious about the Architect Licensing rules in America. Most of these emails are along the lines of… “In my country, […]


5 Hard Truths about the Architecture Registration Exam

By Michael Riscica

I’m not an Architect; I’m a Licensed Architect. I graduated from architecture school, completed several years of internship hours and paperwork, and passed 7 brutal exams. And finally, I obtained my architecture license two years ago. It was a lot of work, therefore, I refer to myself a Licensed Architect, not just an Architect. I’m […]

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