Cheezy Architecture Videos

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Here are some of the cheezy architecture videos from youtube.

If you know of any others that should be here please email me to

I'm An Architect

Yo, Where my red lines at?!??

Shit Architecture Students Say

What?!? CAD for mac?!??

Top 10 Things Architects Never Say 

Our “How To Architect” Friend Doug Patt just rubbing it in.

The Old Spice Architect Commercial

Wait for it……
You are the worst Architect in the world!

So You Want To Be An Architect?

This video is a personal favorite of mine. Every architecture student should watch this video at least once a semester.

I am an Architect, Part 2 – Architect vs Contractor

A rapping duel between Mr. “I am an Architect” and a General Contractor


Unless your an architecture student, studying for the Architecture Registration Exam or an Engineer you should be glad that you don't know what MEEB is.

MEEB is a really boring book that stands for Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings.  It's about 2 1/2 inches thick and weighs about 10 lbs. I think these guys made this when they were procrastinating studying for their Architect Exams.

Shit Architecture Professors Say

That professor looks like a student.

I am an Architect Part III- Discover Architecture

I dunno how many more of these videos I can take from Mr. “I am an Architect”. The AIA has to stop instigating this guy.

Guy Annoys His Girlfriend With Puns At IKEA

Another personal favorite of mine.

OK Back To Work Everyone! 

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