Dear Employer, Send Your EP’s To The Young Architect Conference!

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Dear Employer,

You’re probably reading this because an Employee has told you about their desire to attend the Young Architect Conference, so I’ve created this blog post to support you and them.

I’m Michael Riscica, creator of The Young Architect Conference, and I’d like to tell you about how this weekend can benefit your employees, the office and the profession.

But first, I want to share my inspiration for creating this conference was to fill a void I noticed within other Architecture Conferences, that weren’t really speaking to or supporting Emerging Professionals. That’s why, I’ve created an event EXCLUSIVELY focused on Emerging Professionals (EP’s) in the profession and on their professional development.

I know, if you choose to send your employees to this conference (or possibly fund them to attend), you want to make sure your dollars are well spent, which is why I want you to know 3 specific ways the Young Architect Conference can benefit your Employees.

Why should you send your Emerging Professionals to the YA Conference?

1. Our keynote lectures are designed specifically to support, motivate and inspire the next generation of Practicing Architects. We have invited successful EP’s from around the world to share their stories, show what is possible and inspire a more successful Profession.  

2. Your employees will receive targeted learning for EP’s with our interactive workshops, to create more knowledgeable, productive team players. There will have over 20 workshops to choose from. We will be discussing: Technology, Learning Project Delivery, The ARE, Becoming a Project Manager, Public Speaking, Networking, Excellence in the Profession, and many more topics.  You can read the full workshop list at

3. Inspire loyalty by giving an invaluable gift of learning, connection, and motivation…for the Next Generation of Architects. Your employees will return energized, inspired and grateful you sent them. They will not only learn how to create a more successful Profession, but they will also spend the conference weekend connecting with a greater Young Architect community of new friends and colleagues from all over the world.

Tickets are limited, so register your employees today by clicking here. If you are wanting to buy more than 5 tickets for Employees and Team Members, group rates are available. Please email and tell us the details of how many people you interested in sending.

I hope this letter was helpful with understanding why you should invest in your Younger Staff by sending them to The Young Architect Conference.


Michael Riscica AIA


Michael Riscica

Michael Riscica is a Licensed Architect, and the creator of Young Architect, an online platform and community dedicated to helping the next generation of Architects become the most successful generation of Architects. 
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