Examining Both Sides of Mentorship with Travis Krimmel

Travis Krimmel

Travis Podcast Examining Both Sides of Mentorship with Travis Krimmel Podcast

Travis grew up immersed in the construction field. From his Dad to his uncles, most of his family is involved in the construction process in one way or another. He grew up traveling around Nebraska working on job sites by laying tile or digging irrigation ditches. As he says, he “got to see how the sausage is made.” He knew he wanted to be an Architect since he was eleven years old.

When Travis applied for Architecture school, he didn’t get in right away, but he was undeterred and applied again the following year to Auburn University’s Architecture Program. This time he was accepted. Going into his 5th and final year of school he realized he was out of money. Travis decided to join the military and this decision propelled his life forward. After graduation and deployment he was adamant that he was going to become a successful and licensed Architect!

In today’s episode, Travis explains how he passed the AREs and how this propelled him into finding his passion for mentorship.

Travis also explains how his mindset shifted after attending The Young Architect Conference and what he was able to gain from it.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Travis became interested in architecture
  • What architecture school was like for Travis
  • What made Travis join the military
  • What it’s like to work in a small firm
  • How becoming licensed changed Travis’s life
  • Why mentorship is so important to your career.
  • How Travis become involved in The Young Architect Conference
  • How Travis manages it all, from work to a family and his son.

Top Three Takeaways from This Episode:

  1. How strongly mentorship can impact your career and life
  2. How to successfully manage your time
  3. Why it’s so important to ask questions

Travis’s Advice for Aspiring Architects:

“Ask questions, of others and of yourself. What is your why? Take some time to reflect and then if you don’t know something be humble and just ask.Try to get the answer, find someone who you trust knows the answer and ask the question. Most people are really happy to pass on their knowledge if you’re coming to them from a very authentic place.”  

“There are so many different paths in Architecture. What I learned in Architecture school was just a fraction of what Architecture is. But it did teach me the mindset of how to problem solve and create and how to critically think.” What Travis knows today that he didn’t know then

“This one I’m going to lean on my military books. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. It’s a book about taking ownership of yourself. -The book that changed everything for Travis 

“A dot sketch book that I use as a planner, sketchbook. I use it for everything.”- Travis’s favorite resource, product, or gadget

“Once a week, I plan my week out and every morning I look at my planner and see if I need to add or move things.” -Travis on his best time-saving trick

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