Five Other Young Architect Bloggers!

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Five Other Young Architect Bloggers

Since I started Young Architect back in January 2014, I have met soooooo many people from all over the world just through this little website. Some of the most inspirational have been some of the other Young Architect Bloggers.

I really wanted to highlight a few of the other Young Architect Bloggers that I admire.

Below are Five Other Young Architect Bloggers, who have awesome blogs that I actively follow and read. Here's what I appreciate and like about each one of these blogs:

  • The unique and positive perspective on Architecture and the profession.
  • Their content is written from a place of helping and teaching others.
  • They consistently put out awesome content.

Most importantly what I like most about these blogs is the fact that each one of these Young Architect’s is just an awesome person. I’m honored to be able to call them each my friend and I'm very excited to see what happens in the next couple of years in their career.

In no particular order, here are the Five Other Young Architect Bloggers…

Buildings are cool

Buildings Are Cool

Steve Ramos

Name: Steve Ramos AIA
Age: 34
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Architecture School: University of Maryland M.ARCH 2006

Social Media

Twitter: @sramos_BAC
Instagram: buildingsarecool
Facebook: Buildings Are Cool


Steve Ramos is an architect in Charleston South Carolina who is passionate about all things design.  As a project architect with LS3P, Steve’s primary focus is the design of commercial architecture in the heart of the city.  His most recently completed project:  The Spectator Hotel has been turning heads since its opening in July.  In 2015, Steve began the blog,, in which he shares his experiences with architecture, design and the never-ending task of renovating his home.  The blog is heavily focused on the architecture of Charleston, both old and new.  There has been speculation that Steve is already working on the followup:

Top 5 Blog Posts

What has been your biggest lesson as a Young Architect?

Seize the moment.

When I began my career, I was eager to unleash my design talents on the world.  However, like most interns, I wasn't handed the most interesting design projects right away.  I had to first pay my dues to earn my dream role.  I developed a strategy.  Whenever I received any little design task, I took it very seriously.  Often I would work on these design assignments on my own time after work.  I would show up the next day with multiple design options that I had thoroughly vetted.  It did not take long before my superiors noticed that I had a passion for design and a ‘hint' of talent.  I seized the moment.  Now I am in a role where I get to lead design efforts on very significant projects.

Why did you start blogging?

I've always enjoyed learning and talking about design and architecture.  Blogging seemed like a great outlet for those things.  I was also very inspired by Bob Borson's Life of An Architect Blog and Enoch Sears from the Business of Architecture.  It has been a fun ride and it has only just begun.

Shoegnome Architects Logo


Shoe Gnome

Name: Jared Banks
Age: 34 (can I round up to 35 yet?)
Location: Seattle, Washington (but I started blogging when I lived in St. Paul, Minnesota and continued during two brief stays in the Boston, Massachusetts area.)
Architecture School: Rice University (BA Architecture 2003, BArch 2005)

Social Media:

Twitter: @Shoegnome


Jared Banks AIA, founded Shoegnome, LLC in 2010 to promote the use of BIM in residential firms. Since then he has written over 750 articles and blog posts about BIM, ArchiCAD, and the relationship between the practice of architecture and technology. In 2015, Jared reincorporated Shoegnome in the State of Washington as a full service architecture firm. Shoegnome is part of a collaborative of small firms, working closely with Grayform Architecture (Houston, TX), Studio-134, LLC (Hopkins, MN), and westerbeck|architecture(Kenmore, WA) in addition to a number of other firms around the United States. Jared has been a member of the AIA since 2010 and joined the AIA Custom Residential ArchitectsNetwork Advisory Group in 2015.

Top 6 Blog Posts:

What are you excited about?

As is pretty obvious from all the writing I’ve been doing over the past few years, I’m really excited about the evolution of our tools. Architects have huge opportunities to harness the digital realm—from BIM to robots. That sounds foolish and fantastical, but it isn’t. I am absolutely convinced that those architects that take automation and modern tools seriously are in for some fun times (especially if they also consider BIM programs and other architectural software as artistic mediums). Those that eschew these societal changes are not going to be in the industry much longer. It is true that there are a lot of architects who will be able to reach retirement before this seachange completely happens. But there are a ton more (including probably everyone who reads my blog) that have a lot of adaption ahead of them.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2010 because I had the opportunity to be the local rep for ARCHICAD in Minnesota. I figured if I blogged about ARCHICAD, then I could tell people ‘I’m the local rep, I’m an architect, I use ARCHICAD, and I also share tips, tricks, and ARCHICAD advice online.’ I thought blogging would give me some clout in my local community. It didn’t take long for theblog to outgrow Minnesota and ARCHICAD-specific topics. So while I started blogging to promote myself as someone who knows ARCHICAD in an effort to make it easier to talk to Minnesotans about ARCHICAD, the more interesting question is “why am I still blogging?” I’m still blogging because I love it and it gives me a philosophical outlet. I’m still bloggingbecause I think writing is an extremely important activity for architects, probably more important than drawing or sketching. While I don’t have as much time as I once did to write, blogging is at the core of what I do. It’s where I can think critically about all the important questions I see facing our profession. and all its associated social media tentacles are both a place to share my thoughts and to have awesome discussions with other passionate practitioners. My blog and social media presence is also big enough now to use it to share other voices—in fact the majority of my favorite blog posts on Shoegnome this year have been authored by friends I met through my writing. If I had one goal for 2016, it’d be to get even more of my architect friends sharing their views on Shoegnome.

  Architect owl

Architect Owl

Architect Owl

Name: Jared W. Smith
Age: 30
Location: I reside in Westchester County, NY. I commute to my corporate office in New York City and the surrounding areas.
Architecture School: New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) School of Architecture and Design. Class of 2008.

Social Media

Twitter: @architectowl 
Instagram: architectowl
Facebook: architectowl


I am a native New Yorker being born and raised in the Bronx and migrating to Westchester County as an adolescent. Came to love building, design and architecture through creative outlets as a child such as Lego, Technic and K'nex sets. Completing my high school at a private Catholic school, I was sure I wanted to go into Architecture School. After securing a partial scholarship to NYIT, I spent the next 5 years honing my skills. Fast forward to now: I am licensed in the state of NY. I have over 7 years of experience as a project architect in a wide range of projects. Types include exterior restoration, interior architectural design and space planning, as well as onsite construction administration. These task have been within large scale commercial, institutional and residential properties. My love for architecture has spurred my 2nd love of photography resulting in a combined emerging venture- Architect Owl.

Top 5 blog posts:

What has been your biggest lesson as a Young Architect?

My biggest lesson references the transition from unlicensed to licensed architect phase. I was quirky and unsure about myself initially. Once I came back to the ground from my high I realized: though gaining your license is crucial and a huge accomplishment, it isn't the end all. It is only a stepping stone to your career and progress within the profession. We cannot expect the red carpet to be laid out from that point forward. We still have a lot to learn from the seasoned licensed professionals about the business and realities of the construction and design industry. Be always learning.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging to convey my life as an African American family man while working as a architect and photographer in New York City and it's surrounding areas. Though we are faced with countless opportunities for negative thought, we must remain positive and progress.

L2 design

L2 Design


Name: Lora Teagarden
Age: 29
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Architecture School: Ball State University, Undergrad: 2008, Masters: 2010
Social Media

Twitter: @L2DesignLLC
Instagram: l2designllc
Periscope: L2DesignLLC


I am a young architect, passionate about sharing knowledge and learning from others. My midwest roots grounded me as I moved around the states after grad school and I ultimately came back to Indianapolis and am growing my network here. The digital world has allowed me to grow my network nationally, as well as continue to learn from mentors from afar and share my knowledge and learnings as I go.

Top 5 Blog Posts

What are you excited about?

The idea of sharing knowledge is at the root of my latest project, started in March of this year. After obtaining my Architect's license, through a series of conversations with others on the path to licensure, I decided to start sharing the sketches I had created as a part of studying for the ARE. They now get posted to my instagram and twitter accounts (both L2DesignLLC) with the tag #AREsketches and I share them on my website and other forums. I think the different sections will ultimately turn into visual study guide books, but for now I'm happy to get the knowledge out there and help others along their ARE journey.

Why did you start blogging?

I've blogged on and off since high school. I got back into it almost two years ago as I continued to connect with other architects. As a part of the knowledge and idea sharing, I realized that not many young architects were coming to the table to share their perspective – let alone young female architects. It has helped me refine my thoughts as my career evolves and continue to learn from giants in the profession. I actively take part in #ArchiTalks and try to blog about other architecture opinions and inspirations. It occurs less than I'd like, but that's what happens when you're renovating a 125 year old house mixed in with everything else.

 talking architecture 

Talking Architecture


Name: Meghana Joshi
Age: 39
Location: Irvine, CA
Your Architecture School: Karnataka University, India – 1999
Social Media
Twitter: @meghanaira
Instagram: @meghanaira


Associate AIA, enroute licensure- done with IDP, done with four of the seven AREs.

Owner of IRA Consultants, Inc – IRA  is a Design Development and Construction Documents Services Consulting company based in Irvine, CA.  My expertise is in Retail & Commercial, Government, and Light Industrial projects. My projects include A-1 Self Storage, Extra Space Self Storage, Public Storage, and Longs Drug Stores at multiple locations.

Before being self employed, I have worked at Bechtel, AECOM, NASA Ames Research Center and KKE Architects.

Top 5 Blog Posts

What are you excited about?


After spending more than a decade in the industry in various roles, I finally decided to work on my licensure last year. You can always work for someone who can sign and stamp that drawings, but being an Architect is more than making a set of drawings to build. If I am adding around three-hundred-thousand square feet of built environment to the world every year, I will need to be more than a consulting project manager to help the client make best decisions, and make ethical decisions.

Why did you start blogging?

Architecture is all about buildings, but there is more to architecture than building. A project cannot be defined within the spatial limitations of the live loads and dead loads – it is an amalgamation of interconnected and interwoven social, environmental and economic characteristics, and a thousand other ethical considerations that build us as a society. An average occupant of a building know the origin of the food he consumes, the labor sourcing for the clothing he is wearing and the political party that he wants to support – but there isn't much awareness about the building they live in, work in or shop at. They don't know if the material was sourced ethically. They don't know if illegal immigrants made up construction workforce. They don't know what the native vegetation was, or what the life-cycle analysis is on the building systems. They spend almost all their day in a built environment or designed space without wondering about any of these details. If Architecture is a language, it needs to be communicated, not just conveyed.

My blog is an attempt to connect and communicate Architecture to an average building occupant.

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Michael Riscica

Michael Riscica is a Licensed Architect, Founder and Head Coach of the ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program & Online Study Group.

Hi I’m Michael Riscica.

My goal is to help as many people as I can (at a variety of price points) PASS their exams and succeed in their architecture careers.

This is accomplished with the following offerings:

Free FB group that is 16k+ members strong
Low-cost, high-value upcoming webinar
Affordable and Quality ARE Study materials
Professional Development and Powerful Networking
Premium 10-week ARE study program