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Shannon Sardell remembers a component of building in her home from her childhood days. Her father was a woodworker, so she has positive memories of being around the smell of sawdust and seeing building happen. Shannon herself wanted to build things.

She also remembers spending time leafing through the magazines in the grocery store that let you pick a plan and design a home when she was young. She says those magazines helped her understand space. As a child sharing a room with her sister, space was something that Shannon knew that she wanted more of.

In high school, Shannon already had an idea that she wanted to be an architect. She signed up for classes that would help her further that dream, including drafting classes. Then, at a school career day, she saw a presentation from an actual architect that made her question that goal.

Shannon says that the architect in question was grouchy. He said that no, she didn’t want to be an architect, no one wanted to be an architect, that the pay was bad and the work was hard. Understandably, this made Shannon rethink her decision to become an architect and consider other career paths.

However, eventually, Shannon found her way back to architecture. She currently works as a consultant and independent contractor, and she’s developing her own business to allow her to continue that work.

Listen to the episode to hear Shannon explain more about her work. She talks about working with historical buildings and the importance of eliminating waste and reusing building materials. She also talks about getting licensed, enrolling in the Young Architect booth camp, and attending the Young Architect Conference.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode

  • Why Shannon decided to go into architecture
  • Shannon’s architecture school story
  • Shannon’s first job after architecture school
  • Sharon’s work as an architecture consultant
  • How Sharon is developing her own company
  • Why it’s so important to figure out how to reuse building materials
  • Working with historic buildings
  • Advocating for buildings with history
  • Shannon’s experience with the licensure tests
  • How Shannon found the boot camp
  • The importance of networking with other people who understand the architect exams
  • Why investing in yourself matters
  • Shannon’s advice for aspiring architects
  • What Shannon know now that she didn’t know then
  • Shannon’s thoughts on the Young Architect Conference
  • Shannon’s best timesaving trick
  • How listeners can connect with Shannon

Top 3 Takeaways from This Episode

  1. Challenge yourself.
  2. Invest in yourself.
  3. Look for opportunities to build confidence when taking on new challenges.

Shannon Sardell’s Advice for Aspiring Architects

“I feel like architecture is such a broad-spectrum profession, that if you go into it right from high school, you skip the whole ides of the meaning of life and how you fit life into architecture.”

Favorite Quotes

“I share some of my kids’ learning disabilities or learning differences.” – Shannon Sardell on what she knows today that she didn’t know back then

“The conference was really good at kind of reframing for me, the sorts of things that I could get or how I could actually go after getting it.” – Shannon Sardell on the Young Architect Conference

“No joke – post-it notes.” – Shannon Sardell on her best timesaving trick

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