Are You Just Getting Started Studying for ARE 5.0?

If yes, this webinar is for you!

Since 2014, Architect Michael Riscica from has helped thousands of ARE Candidates figure out how to juggle their already busy lifestyles and pass the ARE! 

This lecture is very different from the presentations that NCARB or other organizations give about the ARE. It’s a real-world, truth-filled presentation that will help you start making immediate progress with this exam.

When you sign up for the upcoming online webinar, you will learn:

  • How the exam has recently been updated, explained in a way that is easy to understand and why you should care about the old exam.
  • The #1 thing that will determine your success on ARE 5.0. The answer might surprise you.
  • How success in architecture school has nothing in common with success on the Architect exam (and why that matters).
  • Top 5 completely avoidable mistakes that are repeatedly made by most ARE Candidates.
  • How to study effectively—while working 40 hours, raising kids, and managing life’s responsibilities.

The Next Webinar will be:

Date: Wednesday May 25th, 2022
Time: 7pm ET;  6 pm CT; 5 pm MT; 4 pm PT
Duration: About 2 hours – 1 hour 30 minutes lecture + 30 min Q&A
Space is limited – Only $10 to attend the webinar

This powerful lecture is followed by an interactive Q&A session will ensure all your ARE related questions will be answered!

This is a beginner/just getting started ARE Lecture. We'll talk PPD/PDD strategy in the big picture and don't get to detailed on the Technical Exams.

If you would like to attend and the cost is prohibitive for any reason at all, several people from the ARE Community would like to sponsor you to attend. Go to the Young Architect Chat and we will connect you with one of the Sponsors.


See what others have had to say about Young Architect Webinars!

“It’s extremely informative and help me feel more confident in starting my exams “

“Such an uplifting review of how to conquer this next step in my career”

“Thank you. I honestly am speechless right now. I wish I had this “conversation” sooner. I have been studying alone and with no one to help. I’ve been aware of Young Architect for a few years but wish I did this webinar sooner than later because it has been a real eye-opener. Thank you 🙏”

“Very informative!! Very honest information about the reality of NCARB and taking the exams.”

“Thanks y’all so very much! Been overwhelmed the last few years and it’s so nice to feel encouraged for a change”



I can’t make it at that time…Can I sign up and just watch a recording?

Space for the webinar is very limited. If you can not attend, join the next time its offered. 

Can I buy a single ticket and watch it with my friends or team?

No, this webinar is designed for single users only. Please contact Joanna at to discuss group pricing options.