January 2018 Instagram Photos

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Here’s my photos.

All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add me.

The past 2 weeks of my life has been filled with: Jill Knouse yoga, eating the best seafood, telling jokes, listening to punk rock and spending all day long hanging out with stray dogs and hot babes on the beach. My chest hurts from laughing sooo much.

This should be my everyday. That is the goal.
Ironically, I also made a lot of money, while I was sitting around on the beach. January is ALWAYS the busiest month for Young Architect. It’s kinda like the New Years rush at the gym, but for the architect exam. People went bananas buying my products and soaking up 4 years of content I created on my little website.

The worst part of my Mexican escapades is having to put an end to it. I always HATE leaving, but I miss my dog. I know it’s cold AF back in NY. Luckily, I’ll be in San Diego in 2 weeks for a quick business trip.

Then I’ll come home for 36 hours and leave on a month long drive around America, giving lectures about the revolution taking place within the outdated profession of architecture to America’s finest Architecture Students, Emerging Professionals and Young Architects.

25 lectures, 20 cities in 30 days. Molly Riscica, my business partner will tag along on this one.

The rest of my year is already booked. I’m about to travel more in 2018, then you’ve traveled in your whole life.

Michael (the hardest working Architect in the profession) Riscica AIA CSI

I know. I did it. Its a little scary at times, but the smartest fucking thing I ever did in my life. It’s amazing how much harder you’ll work when your survival is on the line. It’s more amazing how passionate you are about your work when you don’t spend 40 hours in a cubicle wearing khakis to appease some old man who only cares about how much money you’ll make him and nothing else.
It disgusts me when I hear “not gonna name names” telling young architects not to build their own brand, not take risks and to channel all that energy into being more of a company man/women. Some of us aren’t wired NOT to take risks, which is why we pursued architecture. I don’t want to follow the same path that you did.
There is nothing like telling the people who have the ability to change the world, not to do it.
This week Young Architect is #49 in the Rise Global Top 500 influencers and players in Architecture, Design & Engineering, Property, Planning, Development & Construction. #toptenpercent #wherewebelong
the beach dogs.
#Repost @ashley_ramona ・・・
@xinalani #xinalani #yogaretreat With @youngarchitxpdx #mexico #puertovallarta #offgrid #whales #octopus #shrimp #mauimaui #yogini #yogis #sunsoutgunsout #babes #portlandcrew #orangeisthenewblack #beachlife #daydrinking #birdofparadise #massage #sweatlodge #yogastudios #margarita #vino #yogafun #bikinitime


I am now a Proud Member of AIA Brooklyn. #whatanarchitectdoes #whatthisarchitectdoes #aiabrooklyn #aiany
If ya don’t know, now ya know.
True story. #whatthisarchitectdoes
ARCAT.com is the #1 website for finding building product information. I’m honored and excited to have them as a new sponsor of the Young Architect Podcast! @ARCAT_news
Out for a bike ride in the freezin cold.
Headed to the park for a hike in the freezing cold.
Thanks for the 42,000 likes!

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