Jason Silva & Shots of Awe For Young Architects

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Who is Jason Silva?

I connected with Jason Silva the very first time I was introduced to him several years ago.  I discovered him when he was a guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast. He seemed to always have many brilliant, beautiful, philosophical ideas on the tip of his tongue, and he could always seem to weave them elegantly into everyday conversation.

Jason Silva is a public speaker, TV personality, and filmmaker. But most importantly, he’s a huge nerd and a brilliant one. He is extremely well-read, and every time he speaks, he is constantly drawing from his knowledge of philosophy, art, technology, and sometimes even business.

He often refers to himself as a Futurist—by systematically exploring the possibilities of the future and how they can grow from the present moment with life, humans, or even technology.

Shots of Awe

Two years ago, Jason Silva started putting out 2-minute videos of him talking about philosophical ideas, mixed with emotional music and HD footage—called Shots of Awe. When he started putting out these videos, I freaked out and even mentioned it in one of very first blogposts in my Pre-Young Architect blogging era. I wasn’t sure how long these videos would last. But here we are two years later, and he is still cranking out more videos.

I recently plugged my laptop into my 50” screen with surround sound and watched a few hours of 2-minute Shots of Awe Videos—with the goal of finding 5 or 6 that I could share on Young Architect.  It became a much bigger process of elimination than I anticipated.

Soooo my friends…

Put on your headphones. Here is the Young Architect-curated collection of Shots of Awe…

Nonconformity and a Creative Life

The Revered Gaze

Find Your Creative Flow Space

Can Art Destroy Us?

Hacking The Flow State

The Tortured Architect: Can Suffering Inspire You?


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