Learn to Swap Out ARE Practice Vignettes to ARE 3.1

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Young Architect Friends,

I’m getting into video and I just made one for you!

I have always want to learn how to make, edit and produce good online videos and I’ve recently started working on another blogging project which will have a ton of video. Since I’m just getting started, I apologize in advance if this video is a little bit awkward.

Let me explain the video that I just made for you.

Within the past 48 hours 3 people have asked me to help them with swapping out the ARE 4.0 vignette background with the old ARE 3.1 practice vignettes.

Since its easier to just show you, rather then attempt to explain it.  I recorded you a quick video!

Click here to download the ARE 3.1.zip file 

One thing I failed to explain in the video, is why you don’t need that chart that tells you which .DWG is for which exam.

The reason is because in ARE 3.1 all the 7 exams vignettes were inside one software. You installed the software once and practice all your ARE 3.1 vignettes on the same exact software.

One of the changes they made in 4.0 is that they make you install new software for each exam. So in 4.0 you don’t have a folder filled with .DWG’s to decipher which one is which.

Make sense?!??

I hope this helps and please leave me comments on this blogpost.



Michael Riscica

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