Madame Architect with Julia Gamolina

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Julia Gamolina

Podcast Julia 2 Madame Architect with Julia Gamolina Podcast

When Julia Gamolina thinks about how she decided to become an architect, she thinks of the big moves that she made during her childhood. Julia was born in Russia. At 8 years old, she moved to Toronto, Canada. Then, as a teenager, she moved with her family to Colorado. This gave Julia the chance to see the urban setting in several very different contexts. 

Like many future architects, Julia also enjoyed drawing from a young age, but she posits that she was too “type A” to enjoy a career as an artist. Architecture was a natural fit, so Julia enrolled in the B. Arch program at Cornell. 

In today’s episode, Julia discusses her career trajectory and talks about how she came to create Madame Architect, a platform that highlights and celebrates women in architecture from a number of different backgrounds. She talks about the challenges of content creation and some of her plans for the future.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode  

  •  Julia’s childhood
  • The experiences and influences that led Julia to architecture school
  • Where Julia attended architecture school
  • What happened for Julia after architecture school
  • Where Madame Architect came from 
  • Julia’s plans for Madame Architect
  • Julia’s writing process
  • Julia’s advice for someone who may want to create an architecture blog
  • How Julia finds readers
  • What’s going on at Trahan Architects
  • Julia’s advice for aspiring architects
  • What Julia knows now that she didn’t know then
  • The book that changed everything for Julia
  • Julia’s favorite gadget
  • Julia’s best timesaving trick
  • Where listeners can find Julia online

Top 3 Takeaways from This Episode

  1. Seeing architecture in different contexts lends new perspective.
  2. Staying consistent and always following through are vital qualities.
  3. There’s no one path or perfect formula for success.

Julia Gamolina’s Advice for Aspiring Architects

“Consistency, repetition, and follow-through are really key.”

Favorite Quotes

 “There is just no secret, there is no formula.”  –Julia Gamolina on what she knows today that she didn’t know back then

“It’s called The Corner Office by Adam Bryant.” –Julia Gamolina on the book that changed everything

“I just got a metronome that will pace me while I play and practice.” –Julia Gamolina on her favorite resource, product, or gadget.”

“Oh my God, my planner.” –Julia Gamolina on her best timesaving trick.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

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Madame Architect
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