March 2018 Instagram Photos

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Here’s my photos.

All of these pictures came from my Instagram feed: YoungArchitxPDX Feel free to add me.

The Petey and Molly Show!



I am honored and proud to announce NCARB as a new sponsor of the Young Architect Podcast!
Without our sponsors the Young Architect Podcast could not be made possible. Excited to have the support of NCARB!
lbmunzThat’s outstanding! Congratulations!—-thank you for you for your continued dedication to our field of study and passion, @youngarchitxpdx
youngarchitxpdx@lbmunz ❤???
gloriakloterThat’s amazing!!! Congrats man! So proud and happy for you!!!
joseph.echThat’s awesome Congrats!!
Recorded another great podcast today with the famous Youtuber @joseph.ech from the Architecture School Chronicles!!! Can’t wait to share Joseph’s story with you! #architectureschoolchronicles #josephechphoto #josephech #josephechdesign #youngarchitectpodcast
While your crying about a failed exam, ncarb and the whole process, the rest of the world is moving on without you.
The jokes on you for taking everyones (out of touch) unsolicited advice about the ARE.
ARE Candidates fail exams everyday.
We have to fail our way through the architect exam.
I failed four fucking exams.
The people in the ARE Bootcamp immediately start working on the next exam, regardless of what the result is on the exam we just studied for.
ARE Bootcamp is about passing ALL the exams and not just one test. More importantly, it’s about becoming more skilled and educated at practicing architecture. We pass our exams as a byproduct of developing ourselves as Architects. “Doing the minimum” to pass, wasn’t the approach we used in architecture school and isn’t how we approach the architect exam or our lives.#arestudyspot #arebootcamp
Molls is wrapping up her PPP exam so she can transition before the June 2018 deadline. Petey’s just getting started on 5.0. He’s thinking about taking PjM as a first exam. #arestudyspot #labradors #dogarchitect @ncarb
Working from the back of my car in the McDonalds parking lot. The new normal. #whatanarchitectdoes #whatthisarchitectdoes
In the ARE Boot Camp we meet once a week for about an hour to discuss how everyone’s studying is going. Since everyone is working towards the same exact goal, the accountability of the group is HUGE but also, hearing about everyone else’s successes, struggles and failures becomes such valuable information.
Around 5-10 times a week at various times, the members of the program are meeting up on video chat to study together and discuss the content that they are studying.
The purpose of the boot camp ISN’T to teach you the content to pass one test.
The purpose of the boot camp IS to teach you how to teach the content to yourself, show you how I study for one test, so you can finish the remaining exams on your own.
It’s not about passing one test, it’s about learning how to get to the finish line.
But most importantly, it’s also not only about passing tests. It’s all about using this opportunity as personal and professional development towards becoming the most successful and best damn Architects that we can be.
The people who take the ARE Boot Camp become Licensed Architects, but we also take our responsibilities, lives and careers much more seriously then we ever have before and that ultimately helps push them over the finish line.
To learn more about The ARE Boot Camp visit
Made it to Indianapolis to have an amazing breakfast with Marketing Genius Jeff Echols!! #coffeeadayproject @jeff_echols
Explaining the difference between the old & new exams and why you should care. #youngarchitecttour
Sooo much fun chatting with the EP’s today in Nashville!!! #youngarchitecttour #mollsacrossamerica
Love this little cabin that Molls and I stayed in last night in Huntsville Alabama! #youngarchitecttour #mollsacrossamerica
Nashville I’m coming for ya next!!!
TAMPA! We’re on for lunch tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you guys! #youngarchitecttour #arestudyspot
Saturday night in Fort Myers, Florida. Molls is jammin out! #mollsacrossamerica #youngarchitecttour
Sooo much fun seeing our friends in Tampa!
#Repost @marinozeller with @get_repost
New Orleans, I’m headed your way!?!!! Never been to NOLA before.
Had dinner with these two gems!!! #joelpominville #hardestworkingmaninarchitecture #marisalappin #hardestworkingwomaninarchitecture
OKAY here is my next couple of stops!!! @leonidafurmansky is flying back to Austin today. ?? Molls and I are going to miss him.
Just recorded an amazing podcast with my biggest Mentor, Supporter and Favorite Person in the world @michaelknouse!! I can’t wait to share this podcast the Young Architect Audience!!
Prepping to speak tonight about Entrepreneurship for Young Architects at the Palm Beach State Boca Raton Campus, for AIA Palm Beach.
This is one of my favorite presentations to share with the world.
My entrepreneurship lecture ISNT about starting a design firm, setting up a business or selling design services. No.
My entrepreneurship lecture is EVERYTHING about hustling, trading your time for dollars, finding problems to solve and leveraging your skills as an architect to make a lot of money. I also discuss that awful dirty word, moonlighting. #arestudyspot
Sooo grateful to share my story with such an amazing group of people in Boca Raton! I have met soooo many inspirational people with incredible stories on this speaking tour. The Young Architect Community never fails to amaze me and never stops reminding me why I do what I do. #youngarchitecttour
I created an #AREstudyspot tonight at the University of Miami School of Architecture and shared the Young Architect million dollar approach to conquering ARE 5.0! #truestory #youngarchitecttour
The Portland Building Leggings I designed are now apart of an Portland Architecture History exhibit! ?? #idesignedthat #amockeryofamockery
Speaking in Fort Myers in a few hours, we’re having a party after the lecture! ??????
Another lecture is setup in Puerto Rico!!! ?? Next Saturday I’m speaking about entrepreneurship at the South Quad conference!

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