Mental Health in Architecture: Tips for Staying Focused with Architect Michelle Moyer

mental health in architecture

mental health in architecture

Do you feel on the brink of burn out and like you’re struggling to find work-life balance?

Having a healthy home life and a healthy work life is not always easy, but it's always worth it!

In this episode of The Young Architect Podcast, Architect Michelle Moyer joins Michael Riscica to tell us all that mental health matters. As a busy professional, she has a unique perspective on how our mental health affects our work-life balance.

Michelle shares her own journey with mental and physical health and how it has impacted her work as an Architect. She also offers some great tips for managing stress and burnout and how having someone hold you accountable is so beneficial! If you're struggling with your health, or just looking for some tips to improve your work- life balance, this episode is for you!

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