NEXT Voices: Andrew Reynolds: Architect + 3D Modeler

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The following article is a guest blog post from our dear friend Adam Denais, who is an active contributor to the NEXT Architects Facebook Group. He originally wrote this post for the group, which he let me publish as a guest article. Feel free to send this blog post to your friends and coworkers.

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds Cover Photo

Andrew, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

Hey! My name is Andrew, I’m a newly licensed architect in the State of Ohio, and I currently live on the east side of Cleveland in Shaker Heights. I grew up in Apalachin, NY and was drawn to Marywood University’s architecture program in Scranton, PA. Upon graduation, I applied all over the east coast and found a great opportunity at a small residential firm in Chagrin Falls. I was attracted to the historic homes in the area but going to a new city without any connections was definitely a leap of faith. Fortunately for me Cleveland is a very welcoming city and I have friendly and supportive colleagues. The firm I work for, Pantuso Architecture, has gone through a lot of growth this past year and I am now a Project Manager/Architect!

On top of being a licensed architect, I am also a fanatic about 3D modeling. I’ve worked on countless modeling projects throughout the years. I love to share my own creations online where anyone who has a 3d printer would be able to download my design and enjoy it for themselves.

Limerick Harp I created for a 3D design competition hosted by SelfCAD & MyMiniFactory.
(Second place woot woot!!)

What is the story behind starting to design/build 3D printed designs?

During my time in architecture school my favorite assignments were making scale models of our buildings. Since then, I’ve taken it to the next level and 3D printing has become not only my hobby, but my passion.

I remember when I saved up enough money during college to buy my first 3D printer and at the time, 500 bucks was a huge investment for me. The collection has now grown to 9 printers! As crazy as owning 9 printers sounds on paper…. I didn’t buy all of them! 6 of them were actually from winning various design competitions and sponsorships throughout the years.

That’s one thing I find so fascinating about 3D printing is that truly the only limit you have is your imagination. The 3D printing community has introduced me to all sorts of different clients and projects throughout the US and abroad. I’ve designed jewelry, lighting, home décor, and more. I’ve also worked on more rewarding projects such as printing and donating 50+ face shields to a local hospital when the pandemic first started back in March 2020.

What are you passionate about? What gets you up in the morning?

I really enjoy 3D modeling, whether it be for a rendering to help a client visualize a space, or a 3D print that you can physically hold. As architects, we are very used to drafting and can picture what a 2D line drawing looks like. However, to those not in the field of architecture it can be hard to imagine what a space really looks like and a 3D model can help tremendously.

I’m fortunate to be working at a residential firm and being able to work directly with the homeowner can be really rewarding. Every family is unique, and being able to get inside someone’s head and help bring that vision to life is something I really enjoy about being in the field of architecture.

Proposed major renovation/addition to transform the existing house (background). Project is with Pantuso Architecture and currently under construction with Jordan Construction.

What career moves have you made to better your health, time management, or career success?

I recently passed my last Architect Registration Exam back in November 2020, and anyone who has taken an A.R.E. knows how grueling those tests are. The whole process was not easy for me, but I was able to finish all 6 of my exams in about 3 years. When I was studying, I made sure to limit distractions and have a dedicated time each night to really just go over the material again and again until I truly understood the process. I also have very supportive family and friends who were right there with me through the ups and the downs during my studies.

What advice do you have for our readers on taking their hobby to the next level?

I would say just go online and learn anything and everything about your hobby and don’t stop learning! When I first was introduced to 3D printing, I would go on YouTube and watch hours and hours of tutorials to learn how to use new tools in Rhino and SketchUp. I would also say join Facebook groups on the topic you’re interested in and be active, ask questions, and get yourself integrated into the community. I’m in a bunch of different online groups and being surrounded by other people who are like-minded or into the same topics is really rewarding.

As a Christmas gift to my father I designed various golf tees that I 3D printed in resin (more
photos on my Instagram profile).

Any other thoughts you want to share? Where can people connect with you?

Thanks for taking the time to read through my post. If you have any questions on 3D printing or architecture life in general please feel free to reach out!!

Easiest way to connect with me is on Instagram at:

If you would like to check out some of my 3D printed models or even download to print them yourself you can check out my profile on MyMiniFactory:

Also shout-out to the firm I work for… Pantuso Architecture! You can find our most recent works at

Pantuso Architecture’s Instagram page:


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