November 2015 Blog Post Surge  


Dear Young Architect Friends, 

I don’t agree with most traditional mainstream blogging advice out there.

I look at blogging through a lens that’s very similar to the one I look at architecture through. I think to the untrained eye, writing a blog and being an Architect both sound like a lot of fun, and they couldn’t be that hard.

And they are a lot of fun.
But they’re also a lot of effing work, and they certainly aren’t for everyone.

What most people don’t realize is that being an Architect is 20% designing, and 80% running around making sure it gets built as it’s designed.

What most people don’t realize about blogging is that only 20% is spent actually writing, and 80% is running around and finding readers for your blog.

There’s one piece of blogging advice that I do agree with and that I really took to heart from day one:

If you’re going to write a blog, pick a schedule and maintain that schedule at all costs. It doesn’t really matter if it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, as long as you maintain a regular schedule.

This is because both the readers and Google start asking, “Is this blog still alive and relevant?” A blog that doesn’t get updated gets forgotten and dies.

95% of the blogs on the internet die a boring, silent death because the blogger didn’t spend any time finding people to read it, so they just stopped updating it regularly.

Young Architect is almost 2 years old, and I have consistently held to updating the site once a week with a new post, and I have run around like crazy holding people’s hands to come read those posts. About 2 months ago after I quit my job, I came up with this crazy idea:

All I want to do is write new content for my blog. Wouldn’t it be cool if I wrote and posted a new blog post every single day during the month of November?

So here we are on November 21, and I’m exhausted and excited. For the past 3 weeks, I have been hustling extra hard to keep up with this self-imposed, ridiculous challenge. I thought I was really well-prepared, but in the first week, I quickly blew through my entire queue of blog posts.

This whole month, I’ll manage to get a few days ahead, and then I’ll fall a few days behind. OK, I’ll admit that I’ve posted a few entries and back-dated them, but nevertheless, all the work has been getting done.

I haven’t written this much in such a short, intense period of time, since I blogged every day about bicycling across America. I really like these aggressive writing schedules, and hitting the publish button this frequently is gratifying.

Late last night, I was working on several upcoming posts for next week, and I had a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. I took a moment to look back, and I realized that since the month began, I have posted 25,000 words on Young Architect. That’s pretty awesome; especially when you consider the book I spent 6 months writing last year was about 30,000 words.

November 2015

Here is a recap of the November Blog Post Surge so far. I’ll add the other posts after they are published.

There’s one piece of blogging advice that I do agree with—and really took to heart from day one:

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Moving Onward.

Since I spent so much time writing new content in November, the month of December will be all about doing the deferred maintenance which I neglected to think about in November.

January will be a very busy month. Everyone is going to be discussing the ARE 5.0 Transition and how they can get the ARE out of their life in the New Year. Did you hear I have decided to run 2 sessions of the ARE Boot Camp in January 2016.  Since I purposely keep the group small, both sessions I ran in 2015 sold out and I had to turn people away.

Thank You

Thanks for reading, subscribing, retweeting, sharing, talking about Young Architect and just being awesome.  The Young Architect audience is what keeps me motivated and excited about keeping this blog going.  If it wasn't for all of your support this blog would have died a slow pathetic death a long time ago.

Michael Riscica AIA


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