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Marina Bourderonnet has been a guest on the Young Architect Podcast before. The last time she appeared in an episode of the podcast, she appeared with the other host of her own podcast, The Midnight Charette. However, today’s episode features Marina alone.  

During today’s interview, Marina discusses some major life changes, such as moving from New York to California and opening a firm. She talks about whether she sees herself staying where she is now or if she envisions making other big moves in the future.  

Marina also discusses the ARE exams. She explains the difference between the professional certifications that architects are expected to have in the USA vs what they’re expected to have in France and talks about the difficulty of taking the exams. Marina recounts her boot camp experiences as well and talks about what it was like to take the exams for a second time.  

What You’ll Hear on This Episode   

  • What’s happened since the last time Michael and Marina talked 
  • How Marina and her partner decided to start their own firm 
  • Whether Marina sees herself staying in San Francisco 
  • Marina’s experience with the ARE exams 
  • What was different for Marina the second time she took her exams 
  • Whether Marina feels more knowledgeable following the exams 
  • Marina’s thoughts on time discipline and organization 
  • The process of studying for the exams 
  • Marina’s boot camp experience 
  • Current projects for The Midnight Charette, Marina’s podcast 
  • Marina’s Advice for aspiring architects 
  • What Marina knows now that she didn’t know then 
  • The book that changed everything for Marina 
  • Marina’s most important resource 
  • Marina’s best timesaving trick 
  • How listeners can find Marina 

Top 3 Takeaways from This Episode  

  1. Time discipline matters when it comes to studying for exams 
  2. Believe yourself and your conception of what’s right 
  3. Don’t be afraid to make a change when the time is right 

Marina Bourderonnet’s Advice for Aspiring Architects 

“My first one would probably be to believe in yourself. Believe in what you think is right.” 

Favorite Quotes 

“I think I didn’t realize that the friends I would make in school would probably be my lifelong friends.”  –Marina Bourderonnet on what she knows today that she didn’t know back then 

“I think I haven’t read a book since I got done studying for my exams.” –Marina Bourderonnet on the book that changed everything 

“I would say I can’t go out without chapstick.” Marina Bourderonnet on the resource she can’t live without 

“I would say Google Sheets.”  – Marina Bourderonnet on her best timesaving trick 

Resources Mentioned in the Show

The Midnight Charette 
The Midnight Charette on Instagram 
Marina on Instagram 


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