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Anne found her interest in architecture early. Growing up in a single-family home, Anne was fascinated by a condo that she stayed in during a family vacation. The building sparked her imagination, and she describes drawing a dream home – containing a kids-only entrance to one area of the home – with her brother following that experience.

In high school, Anne took drafting classes and enjoyed designing buildings and homes with her classmates. She was considering a career in landscape design but realized that she wanted to be involved in all parts of a project, not just small parts of it. When she realized that architecture encompassed buildings, design, and construction, she knew that she’d found the right area to focus on, so she began applying to colleges with architecture programs.

Anne attended Virginia Tech for architecture school. She worked for a custom home designer during school and took a while to find a job once she finished school, finally joining a firm that worked on building public and private schools. After getting married and moving, she took her current job with Little Diversified Architectural Consulting.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode  

  • What inspired Anne to pursue a career in architecture
  • Anne’s experience in architecture school
  • Anne’s first job
  • Anne’s current job
  • Anne’s workshop for the Young Architect Conference
  • What mentorship has looked like in Anne’s career
  • Projects that Anne is excited about
  • Anne’s latest certification
  • Anne’s advice for aspiring architects
  • What Anne knows now that she didn’t know then
  • The book that changed everything for Anne
  • Anne’s favorite resource, product, or gadget
  • Anne’s best timesaving trick

Top 3 Takeaways from This Episode

  1.   Pursue your passion, not just a salary.
  2.   Architecture can be a good choice for people who want to be involved in all parts of a project.
  3.   Don’t underestimate the power of mentorship.

Anne Lebo’s Advice for Aspiring Architects

“My advice would be to really, really, really, really question what you’re passionate about because I think the worst thing about architecture is that you can get too horned into a position that pays a decent amount of money for something that you don’t really enjoy doing.”

Favorite Quotes

“I know how to write an email in two tries instead of eight now.” –Anne Lebo on what she knows today that she didn’t know back then

“I like it because I always go back to it.”  –Anne Lebo on the book that changed everything, Universal Methods of Design

“I use that all the time, just to double-check myself.” –Anne Lebo on the resource she can’t live without

“I schedule phone calls on my drive so that I can take the extra time to be early and also get something done at the same time.”  – Anne Lebo on her best timesaving trick

Resources Mentioned in the Show 

Anne Lebo
Virginia Tech
Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
Universal Methods of Design
Email: [email protected]


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