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Mike Pfautz Jr - April 23, 2017

Thank you Mike R. for your help. You went out of your way to see I was satisfied. Your book is great for anyone who needs that extra jump start to start studying for the ARE. The blog is also littered with helpful posts by people having knowledge about the process and sharing it with all. This makes it more of a community process than one that seems lonely!

Jacky Wah - October 3, 2017

Hi Mike,

I recently found out about your website through ArchDaily. Well, can’t say enough that I am totally inspired by you! I am a landscape architect in training. I always enjoy writing but due to fear of my writing skill and English is not my native language and etc. I am not very motivated.

However, after reading your website, I feel like I need to be a bit confident of myself. If I really love what I am doing as a landscape architect and becoming a writer, just do it! Who knows how many out there are facing the same problem I face now, isn’t it? Sharing through writing will help inspire other people as well as help me to better understand myself.

Anyway, just want to say thank you! Keep posting, Keep inspire other young architects or designers. You have just gained a support now. Haha…

Best of luck!


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