The Architect’s Postmodern Thanksgiving!

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For the past 3 weeks I have been so damn busy writing for the November Blog Post Surge, that stopping for a few minutes to work on some postmodern thanksgiving Photoshop images became extremely therapeutic to me.

Portlandia Sailing

Here's the Architects traveling across the sea to bring their Architecture to the new world.

Architects thanksgiving
Here is a scene from the very first Thanksgiving of the Architects giving thanks and sharing their Architecture with their new friends.


This picture came my 2014 archive. Last year during Thanksgiving the fate of the Portland Building was unknown. Due to serious structural and building envelope issues, Portlandia decided to dress up as a big architectural turkey.

Portlandia Thanksgiving money
This year at thanksgiving its pretty much set in stone that the Portland Building will be getting a $200 million renovation.   Portlandia is serving the Citizens of Portland a renovated Portland Building and giving back all the extra money they saved by being sustainable and not demolishing everyone's favorite postmodern building. Thanks to the $200 million renovation, no architectural history textbooks will have to be rewritten or edited.

MR Pilgrim

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

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