It’s always a pleasure working with each and every person in the ARE Boot Camp. Some of my bestest friends in life are people I’ve met in the ARE Boot Camp. I care deeply about everyone who takes this program.

I want to keep supporting you after the program is over.

So after the program has completed…

All Boot Camp Alumni will still have access to the following…

Access to Michael Riscica 

We want the Boot Campers to not just pass 1 exam, we want you to become a Licensed Architect. People are contacting from Michael from ever direction asking for advice. He considers the Boot Campers his priority. If you have a question, need a pep talk or want to discuss something with Michael, just pick up the phone and call him. He is overwhelmed with emails and does not respond to emails or long winded text messages.

The ShareFile

As I mentioned, I am collecting valuable study materials for ALL Exams, not just the boot camp exams. If you find something great, please add it to your ShareFile folder. Remember, don’t add bootlegged study materials that are copyrighted.

Also, these files are for boot camp members only, not your whole office.

Facebook Groups

Both Facebook groups will still be there for you.

Designer Hacks Discount

Please use our discount on designer hacks products after the boot camp. Don’t share this discount with anyone. It is for boot camp members only. The discount is in your week 1 syllabus. Check your email.

However, to keep supporting you, I offer a special program after the ARE Boot Camp is over, which is appropriately called:

The ARE Boot Camp Alumni Program

In this program, you will have access to the following:


Continued access to the live, in-person meetups that are taking place with the current ARE Boot Camp Programs. You will not have to host a meetup, unless you volunteer to.

Monthly Membership

I wanted to keep these programs very affordable.

The cost for both Alumni programs is only $25 per month. It is a monthly membership. You can cancel it at any time.

To cancel, you must email me and request to cancel the Boot Camp Alumni program.


Click here for the Pro Practice Program

Click here for the PA/PPD/PDD Program