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CSE Boot Camp Coaching Program

Young Architect created the ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program back in 2015 after Michael Riscica found himself struggling to pass the ARE exams. Since then, Young Architect has helped thousands of ARE Candidates find success with their exams. As of 2021, we began offering our very own CSE Boot Camp to help those seeking licensure in California. The CSE Boot Camp is modeled after the very successful ARE Boot Camp. This means you get a full ten weeks of weekly coaching, guided syllabus, the most supportive community and so much more.

What is the CSE?

In addition to the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), the California Architects Board (Board) requires the California Supplemental Examination (CSE) for licensure. The CSE ensures that candidates are able to demonstrate minimum standards of competency and necessary architectural knowledge and skills to respond to the unique requirements and conditions in California.

The setting for architectural practice in California is distinct from that of other states in terms of the breadth, magnitude, and complexity of the individual circumstances that create its context. California’s large physical size, large and diverse population, varied landscape and climate, high seismicity, regulations and entitlements, and massive economy create an unusually demanding context for architectural practice. Additionally, the varying interplay of these conditions for specific projects gives rise to even more complicated settings for the conduct of architectural practice in the state. *

*The definition of the CSE is quoted from CA.Gov website

Here are some unique ways the CSE Boot Camp solves the challenge of passing the exams:

We provide the syllabus, schedule, milestones, deadlines, and accountability for everyone to study during the week. We meet weekly to discuss the curriculum, check in with how the studying went and to see what we can learn from each other.

Participants in the Boot Camp get together (almost everyday) via video chat to study and work together as a group. Very quickly, everyone in the Boot Camp starts teaching the content to each other, which becomes a powerful learning tool for obtaining a deeper understanding.

Test-taking isn’t just technical; it’s highly emotional. We have learned a big part of creating this program has been treating people as unique individuals, because the one size fits all approach to completing, these exams just doesn't work. Through the weekly coaching we customize and personalize the program to meet the needs of each person who signs up.

Most importantly, the biggest focus of the CSE Boot Camp isn’t just about passing an exam,
it’s really about using STUDYING for the CSE as an opportunity to become the BEST Architect you can be.

CSE Boot Camp - California Supplemental Exam


CSE Boot Camp - California Supplemental Exam

Prior to taking the CSE, candidates must:

When You Sign Up, This Is What You Get:

As a group, we will meet each week via Zoom video chat for about an hour. We’ll check in and I will coach you through the Boot Camp curriculum.

The 10-week Boot Camp program is very structured. I provide a weekly curriculum that focuses on studying the information in the most effective sequence.

You will have access to exclusive study materials and bonus videos to enhance the impact of the CSE Boot Camp Coaching Program. 

You'll meet and study several times a week with 20-30 other people across all US times zones who are working towards the same goals as you.

You will log your daily study time and use this data to create a realistic testing schedule designed around YOU and what's happening in your life.

Continue the dialogue about the CSE Boot Camp meetings. Many CSE Boot Camp Alum continue to use the group to discuss their current exams.

Please note: The above list comes as part of the entire Coaching Program. If you do not show up and participate, the availability of these will be limited, if not revoked. This program is designed to be interactive and not a self-guided study system. This is a face to face, interactive coaching program, NOT a study materials program.

The Very Best Part of the Program is…

The Boot Camp Community.

bc community The CSE Boot Camp Coaching Program - Young Architect

After working with so many different ARE Candidates since 2015, we’ve found that the biggest benefits they received involve having face-to-face communications and being part of a group of people that are all working toward the same goal and the shared commitment towards excellence.

This program is designed to get away from the self-guided studying model. It’s more aligned with the design studio model of learning used in architecture school. The CSE Boot Camp is a community and has a ton of camaraderie.

Everyone enrolled in the program studies very closely with different people all over America. We get to know each other really well. We share insights and experiences and we all learn from each other.

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Enrollment Process

May 2022 CSE Boot Camp is Sold out. Details for registering for September CSE Boot Camp Session will be posted May 26th 2022

All sessions for the May Boot Camp will start on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022, and meet for 10 weeks each Wednesday evening (depending on your time zone).
Each meeting is about an hour long.


Please note:  There will only be 3 CSE Boot Camps hosted in 2022.   The first one starting on February 9th, the second on May 25th, and the third and final starting on September 7th.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Andy Roehl and Helen Vasquez are the coaches.  Both Helen and Andy are amazing members of the Young Architect community and have completed the CSE exam.  They are great mentors and will help guide you through the process.

Each group has up to 10-12 people. We purposely keep it small because the value of the program is that it’s very personalized. That way, everyone can get to know each other in the group.

It’s easy to use and works perfectly for a group of this size. You can get on the calls online via your computer or smartphone. Here’s the worst-case scenario: If your WiFi signal isn’t super strong, you can use your cell phone to call in. The audio is clear, so you won’t miss a beat.

This group is very much about accountability and showing up. Sure, it’s understandable if there is an emergency or another one-time situation when you know in advance that you can’t attend. Every person needs to make attendance a priority. Just see it as a recurring weekly meeting that you can’t get out of.

If you enroll and then cancel within 24 hours, we can refund you, less a 3% processing fee. Due to the limited availability of this program after 24 hours no refunds are issued.

While I would love to say yes, the program is structured in such a way that it is highly interactive and face to face. Being in such a different time zone prevents so much of the interaction that is key to the success of the program. So, unfortunately, we are no longer able to accommodate Boot Campers outside of EST / CST / MST / PST time zones.

Easy, it’s the accountability and community of people. It’s being a part of this group. It’s getting away from that model of “self-guided studying” and getting back to our roots of working collaboratively with others.

Yes! We want to reward your commitment and dedication for getting to that finish line. What better way than a shiny GOLD medal! Once you finish your exams, let us know and we will arrange getting you your GOLD medal and celebrate you at the next Young Architect Conference. You worked hard, you deserve it!

More Questions?

If you still have questions, drop us a note and we will get back to you right away.